Tinder has been in full bloom since the recent pandemic and everyone being stuck indoors. The dating industry is at its peak and some people wanted to know how they could backup all their tinder data.

So in this guide, we will show you how you can download a copy of your personal data from Tinder, so you can have this personal information saved on your computer or mobile for privacy or any other reasons you may need the data. It’s always a good idea to keep backups and having this data can help in the rare cases you may need the data.

How do I download my tinder data?

Tinder is one of the greatest sources for dating data and choices. It knows a lot about us, and we always end up providing them a lot of data in order to get matches and dates. Tinder has made it quite easy for us to access and download our data.

Step 1: Visit the site: Tinder data download.


You can access this site from both PC and Mobile in order to download your Tinder data.

download your tinder data

Log in with your Tinder account.

Click On download my data and provide your email address to download the data.


download your tinder data

What Now?

You will get a mail from tinder with all your data. You get two files one with .json format, and another in HTML format. You can open the tinder data file and you will see the following data.

  • User Data
  • Media files
  • Message History
  • In-app purchases
  • Spotify
  • Usage data
  • Bells
  • Experiences
  • Student Verification
  • CCPA Information

You can also see chats, the number of people you have liked, and all stats related to your tinder journey. Basically, it contains a lot of your darkest secrets if you are looking for them in your tinder account.


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