Whether you are looking to download a movie in the highest quality or a high graphic quality game for your PC, laptop, or even mobile device, the first option that comes to mind is “Torrent”. Torrenting is the best option when it comes to downloading and managing exceptionally large files since downloading them directly from the host server is time-consuming and a very slow process. Using various torrent providing sites and the free torrent clients, anyone can download their desired files piece by piece at great download speeds. We can use torrent to download movies, TV-Series for free and not completely illegal like Pirates Bay.

Although torrents have been circulated as illegal items they are not entirely illegal and have many legal purposes also such as downloading an extremely large open-source software.

There are a lot of torrent clients available that allow you to manage multiple torrents at a single place and we have handpicked the best 10 out of all these torrent clients which are available to use freely –

1. Qbittorrent- Fastest Torrent:

QBitTorrent- torrent to download movies, TV-Series

Qbittorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients which are free and open-source and also one of the best torrent to download movies. It is fast, reliable and doesn’t have any sort of advertisements, malware, or any other unwanted software included during installation. It has a very simple and easy to use interface but that doesn’t mean that it is lesser in terms of features. The downloads on the platform are stable as well as fast, reaching several megabytes per second quickly. It also provides an option to lock the UI using a manual password.

2. Vuze:

Vuze- torrent to download movies

Vuze is another popular torrent client which was earlier known as Azureus. It offers both free and paid services the only difference between the two being in-app advertisements. It provides access to torrent bundles, magnetic support links, media playback customizable plugin library, IP filtering, bandwidth limiting, and remote control through the mobile app. It provides well designs and a clear user interface and its features can be expanded further with the help of additional plugins.

3. Deluge:

Deluge- torrent to download movies

Deluge is a fantastic choice for an open-source torrent client since it is lightweight and has amazing performance. It comes with its own fair share of features and its installation doesn’t include any unwanted malware, toolbars, or other additional software. It integrates very easily with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and comes with helpful third-party add-ons. It can run in the background and it also has remote access property making it an excellent tool for a download and distribution server or as a standard torrent client for individuals on their home system.

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4. Utorrent- Smoothest Torrent:


Utorrent was developed by BiTorrent Inc. and released in 2005. It is the most used open-source torrent platform in the world with approximately 41 million users per month. It is a useful and effective application and doesn’t take up too many system resources. It has plenty of customization options and also allows for scheduled downloads. Despite its popularity, Utorrent has been criticized in recent years due to its security-related vulnerabilities.

5. BitTorrent- Easiest Torrent:

BitTorrent Torrent to Download Movies

BitTorrent is the best pick for beginners as well as people experienced in torrenting. It is the original torrent client that was originally developed to support downloading and uploading files using the BitTorrent protocol which is still used by most torrent sites. It also provides free and paid versions and the free version includes a large number of paid features but has ads in it. BitTorrent allows download scheduling and it also offers web-based seeding along with commenting and reviewing. It has been observed that the BitTorrent client is welcomed by private trackers that don’t prefer uTorrent.

6. Tixati:


Tixati is a cross-platform BitTorrent client developed by Tixati Software Inc. and designed with the purpose of being lightweight in terms of size as well as system resource utilization. Tixati offers a unique feature of a chat room option with private encrypted messaging which is an interesting idea for a torrent service and can be used to share lists of magnet or URL links as well as streaming audio and video media. Tixati has no spyware or adware in its programs which makes it one of the most trusted commercial products in the market.

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7. Transmission:

Transmission- Best Torrent After Pirates Bay
Transmission- Best Torrent to Download Movies

Transmission is one of the favorite Mac and Linux torrent clients since it has a lightweight and simple interface. It is very easy to use with a drag and drop service wherein you just need to find the torrent file and add it to the software and the application will perform all the remaining tasks. The app’s main focus is using as few resources as possible and keeping things simple and straightforward. It has broad support for magnet URI’s and it also optimizes the settings based on your Internet connection to download the needed torrent files.

8. BitLord:

BitLord- Best Torrent After Pirates Bay

BitLord is a highly adaptive torrent client launched in the year 2004 that can be used by both beginners and experienced torrents. It is an ad-supported, proprietary torrent client available for both Windows and macOS devices. It has many useful features such as a built-in torrent search engine, subtitle support through an API from opensubtitles.org, embedded VLC media player, and many more. It has approximately 117,700 visitors per month on the platform.

9. BiglyBT:

BiglyBT- Best Torrent After Pirates Bay

BiglyBT made its debut in 2017 as open-source software and despite this fact, it is completely free from any ads or third-party software. It provides all the features necessary for downloading and managing torrent files quickly and easily. With its clean interface, it helps you to optimize your downloads and uploads by analyzing the network and internet speeds upon booting. It also provides full support for remote control functions through its Android app and Web-Torrent along with enhanced security features.

10. BitComet:

BitComet- torrent to download TV-Series
BitComet- Torrent to Download TV-Series, Movies for Free

BitComet is a torrent client as well as a download manager application. This software was primarily designed as a torrent downloader mainly for Windows but it can also download regular items. The app has some extra features that other platforms don’t offer, including the option to download the first and last portions of each media file allowing users to preview the contents before the download is finished, an intelligent disk caching mechanism, and a built-in video player.

Thus, you can select any one of the above torrent clients for your needs while simply ignoring the ones that are of no use to you.  Whether you need something for just handling the torrents or some tool that can perform other advanced functions with the help of extra add-ons, it’s all incorporated in the above list. So, what are you waiting for? Install any one of these clients and get going.

11. Pirates Bay- Best Torrent:

The Pirates Bay
The Pirates Bay- Best Torrent to Download TV-Series

The Pirates Bay is one of the most resilient website present on the Internet that allows you to download any type of media like Audio, Video, Applications, Games and others. There are various websites to get free load of these media collection but Pirates Bay is top of all. If you want to download any movie or a TV-Series, there is high chance you will get it on Pirates Bay. The Pirates Bay is one of the best torrent to download TV-Series, Movies for free on the Internet.

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