Hoverwatch Review: Monitering Android Phones


Welcome to another android hacking tutorial. Today we are going to review the spy tool or say spy app to hack android and ios called Hoverwatch. If you don`t know what this is its a parental software which can also be used as spyware which we can install in the victim’s phone, and we will get all their personal information. Their contact information, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, etc. Information regarding which sites they visited etc. can be monitored with Hoverwatch. It is also used for hacking Android and iOS devices easily.

DISCLAIMER: This is an educational article meant to aware and educates readers about the hacks. Do not use this tool or website on any website. Do not apply or execute any method or use tools without concern of the party. The hackingworld.com team will not be in any way responsible for any illegal activities and usage of tools by you. We want to make readers aware of active threats and how they work. Use this article only for educational purposes.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a non-technical and automated version of spynote. But the catch is that it is a premium paid software. However, they give a free trial, so that’s what I’m going to use in this tutorial. Hoverwatch is known for its monitoring apps and has a very good reputation. By using this app you can hack android, ios and windows all from the same dashboard. This tool is free for 5 days after which you need to buy the premium plan. You can always test the trial version before buying which is what I would recommend to everyone.

Prerequisites for this hack:

  • Internet connection
  • Physical access to the victim’s device

Weaken your target device:

To prevent Android from detecting this hack, we need to disable certain security features:

Open “Play Store” app on the android device -> tap Menu -> select “Play Protect” -> tap Settings icon.

settings to change for free mobile tracker
Disable the security by toggling “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve harmful app detections.”

settings to change for free mobile tracker

  • Uninstall antivirus from the target phone

Make a free hoverwatch account

Making a free account on hoverwatch does not require any credit card details or any revealing information. You just need an email address for the trial. You can thus safely try the tool by using the trail and decide whether or not you want to buy the tool.

Go to Hoverwatch.com

Click on sign up and make an account on the site. Once the account is made, you are ready for the next step.

Download and install hoverwatch application

Once your account is created in hoverwatch click on android platform to download the spy application from hoverwatch

Use hoverwatch to monitor device

Step 1: Select Android and click on the download link. 

Step 2: Now, you need to install the app on the victim’s phone. Open the app on the victim’s phone. If you get an option which says cannot install apk.

Step 3: Go to settings and select install from unknown sources option. Once the install is finished, you will see the following screen.

install hoverwatch: free mobile tracker

Step 4: You can choose to hide the Hoverwatch icon to make the installation stealthy.

legal terms and conditions for free mobile tracker

Step 5: Enter your Hoverwatch account username and password and click on Activate.

Login: Hoverwatch Spy App

Tap “YES” and tap “Allow” activate all permissions.

Spy App Hoverwatch Spy App Admin Permissions: Hoverwatch Spy App

Step 7: You will get many dialogs asking for permissions just go on granting those permissions. Once you have given all the permissions, click on activate for hacking android device of the victim


Do make sure you hide all the notifications of the spy apps.

Step 8: And now you are done, hoverwatch is actively spying on the victim’s device.

Exploit the target with hoverwatch dashboard

Go to the hoverwatch website and sign in to your account.

Here you will see all the various options you can use in this spy app and monitor the target.

You can access all the reports, screenshots, images, as shown below.

Hack Android/ iOS Device: Hoverwatch Dashboard

If you want to hack facebook and WhatsApp, even they can be hacked easily.

Hack Android/ iOS Device by installing Hoverwatch

The settings panel has a lot of options. The only thing I didn’t like is that the updated are not real-time. Instead, they come every 5 minutes. This makes the hack weaker and much less effective compared to the spynote hack. They may have that feature available in the premium version. I haven`t tested it.

Hack Android/ iOS Device using Hoverwatch

Commonly asked questions about hoverwatch

Q1.Is this spy app free to use?

The trial version can be used for five days. After which you need to buy a plan.

Q2. Any legal restrictions on this spy app while hacking android?

This tool should be used legally and ethically. You cannot use it to hack people. We wrote about the tool only for educational purposes and not to hack the android devices of strangers.

Q3. Does hacking world provide support for this spy app?

No, we do provide support for this tool.


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