YouTube is the world’s best, largest, and most popular video sharing and entertainment platform with over 30 million visitors per day on the platform. It has videos from all the genres and topics possible from music to education to fun to motivational and what not. YouTube constantly works for enhancing the experience of its users and has launched a lot of features. A lot of users are not aware of these features and they end up spending hours getting to their user content or are unable to feel the perfect YouTube viewing experience.  We have taken the efforts to formulate all the best ways to Hack YouTube that you can apply while using YouTube and gain 100% use of the platform and its features. We have YouTube Tricks like how to download YouTube Video, Youtube shortcut to make your life a little easier.

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So here are the best ways to Hack YouTube-

  1. View the written transcript for any YouTube video – YouTube has the feature of automatically generating the transcript of the video you are viewing and you can access it. This is one of the YouTube Tricks that come in handy if you want to note down a quote from the video or you want to visit a particular section in which something important was said. You can turn on the transcripts by simply selecting a Transcript from the “More” option under the video.

    Get Video Transcript
    YouTube Tricks 1: Transcript
  2. YouTube Hack to Share YouTube video from a certain time period – If you want to share a specific part of a video or share the video that should start at a specific point, you can do so with YouTube’s built-in functionality. All you have to do is click on “Share” and then check the “Start At” box. After adjusting the time period, you can simply share the link and the video will be shared with the modifications.

    Share Videos
    YouTube Tricks 2: Sharing Options
  3. View ad-free YouTube videos – In order to view your videos completely free from any ads, you can install an Ad-blocking extension in your browser or use the YouTube Vanced app to get a completely ad-free experience. A Vanced app is a popular option since it can be used to access YouTube Premium like features. If you are willing to pay some amount, you can also purchase the YouTube Premium subscription to remove all the ads.
  4. Make a personalized YouTube URL – This is great for channel owners who want to give their viewers an easy to remember URL link based on the channel name or the username that looks like “”. For this, you have to go to the Advanced Channel Settings and claim your custom URL. You must be registered on YouTube for more than 30 days with a channel having a profile photo and channel art to be eligible to claim a custom URL.

    Personalised Videos URLs
    YouTube Tricks: Custom URLs
  5. Restrict adult content for children – To curb the access to YouTube for your child you can use “YouTube Kids” which uses powerful filters to limit the content that is appropriate for kids to watch. This is one of the essential YouTube tricks to know.

    Videos for Kids
    Hack YouTube for Kids
  6. YouTube Hack to Create a GIF from any YouTube video – GIFs are a fun way to express emotions and you can create one using YouTube. Just add gif before “youtube” in the URL of the video and you will be redirected to the GIF-making page with the video already loaded and ready to be customized. This is one of the essential YouTube tricks to know if you have any Meme page or even video creation job.

    Create YouTube GIFs
    Hack YouTube to get GIFs
  7. Use and experience YouTube’s amazing sound library for free – Most of the YouTube users are unaware that the platform also offers a very vast library of songs from every genre for free. All one has to do is select the music option from the left side menu on the home page and get started with the latest and most popular tracks of all time totally free of cost.

    Best YouTube Hack: YouTube Library
    Hack YouTube to get Music Library
  8. Use Google trends to find trending searches on YouTube – Whether you want to create a video on a trending topic or just find a currently popular video topic, Google Trends can help you do this. You need to type the search keyword in the search box and then select a YouTube search instead of Web Search. You will be shown a search description in a graphical form.Get to know Google Trends for BestYoutube Hacks
  9. Play YouTube video on a continuous loop – Many a time we like to view a video or listen to a song over and over again. Using the looping option on YouTube you can achieve this. Just right click on the video and select the “Loop” option. Now the video will be played on a continuous loop.

    YouTube Videos on Loop
    Hack YouTube to Loop the Videos
  10. Use the YouTube TV mode – Watching movies and shows on a larger viewing screen completely changes the entire experience. Using YouTube TV mode, you can get this experience which is especially beneficial if you are watching YouTube videos on your Smart TV. Just go to and login with your Google account and continue watching.
  11. Keyboard shortcuts YouTube Hacks to navigate smoothly through YouTube – You can get rid of using the mouse to change the volume and other YouTube video features since all these can also be done simply by using the keyboard only. For example, you can use the J and L keys to move backward and ahead by 10 seconds and the K key to pause the video. The below table shows some other useful keyboard shortcuts for YouTube.
    Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube
    YouTube Shortcut: Keyboard Shortcuts

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  12. Control the quality and speed of YouTube videos – A lot of times we end up exhausting our entire data watching a video and then regret not setting the video quality beforehand. There might also be times when you want to slow the video speed for example while watching a guitar tutorial you might want to slow the video to observe the strum pattern. You can control and predefine the quality of the videos in the settings and control the video speed while watching it and set it according to your preference.

    Quality & Speed of YT Videos
    YouTube Shortcut: To Manage Quality & Speed
  13. Keep your videos safe and private with you – If you want to restrict other people from watching your channel videos or the videos that you liked and the playlists you saved, you can do so with some adjustments to YouTube settings. All you need to do is head to the Privacy option in the Settings menu and then change the privacy settings accordingly.

    YT Privacy
    YouTube Shortcut: To Manage Privacy
  14. Manage your watch History – Did watch an amazing YouTube video earlier but now forgot what it was? With the watch history, you can view a list of the videos that you watch. You can also choose to delete a particular watch history or the complete history or pause YouTube from recording your watch history.

    YT History
    YouTube Shortcut: Manage History
  15. YouTube Hack for Using dark mode – If you use YouTube a lot especially at night, then using the recently introduced dark theme is a good option for you. The dark theme improves text readability, reduces eye fatigue and damage by blue light. You can enable it by clicking on the Account symbol > Dark Theme > Activate Dark Theme.
    Dark Theme YT
    YouTube Shortcut: Dark Theme

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  16. YouTube Hack to Download Any Video from YouTube- There are a vast number of YouTube videos that you wanted to download but need a third-party YouTube video downloader. Many times these YouTube downloader applications are a scam. So we have the best trick to download the YouTube video that too without any third-party video downloader. Follow the below steps to download any video on YouTube-
    1. Search and Open the YouTube Video you want to download, let’s say “Vines” for example.

      Download YouTube Videos
      Download YouTube Video
    2. Play the Video
    3. Copy the URL of that video and edit it. Type ss in-between “www.” and “”. For Example, edit the URL “” to “″. Now search with the updated URL in the browser. You will see the window like below-

      Download YouTube Videos
      Download YouTube Video
    4. Now click on download, your video will be downloaded on your local drive.

      Download YouTube Videos
      Download YouTube Video

Thus, the above-mentioned YouTube hacks are time-saving and boost your YouTube viewing experience as a whole as you utilize its features to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using these tricks to your advantage.

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