9 Best Game Boosters & Game Enhancer Software For Every PC

9 Best Game Boosters & Game Enhancer Software For Every PC

In the past decade, the Gaming Industry has seen an exponential rise and now has become a major source of income to countless numbers of people around the globe. The Gaming PC and Laptops are getting high-end game enhancers or game boosters to improve the gaming experience of the Gamers.  Now, this has been the case for the systems that have launched in the last 3 years and the expensive rigs.

Most of the older system does not have dedicated software to optimize the graphics to give the maximum performance of the CPU and Graphical processing unit. So we have got the 10 best Game Booster software that will enhance your gameplay experience.

These Game boosters will basically give you more control over the hardware by which you can control multiple parameters and tweak them to get the right settings for your system.

Usually, your computer has a lot of applications running in the background that usually are not highlighted in the task managers, and then the system struggles to provide enough juice to the game resulting in choppy gameplay.

Gaming requires complete CPU power and high RAM (in most cases) for the most seamless gameplay. These unwanted apps can create hassles in gaming and overheat your PC or laptop.

To solve this issue, there are apps and software that clean up the RAM and kill the unwanted apps and programs taking up the power. These are basically called as Game Boosters. These are made to optimize gameplay by transferring most of the power and RAM to the game you are playing.

Razer Cortex Game Booster:

Founded in 1998, Razor has been one of the best gaming laptops and accessories manufacturing company. With the premium-quality hardware, Razor has also led the software with its Cortex Game Booster.

Razer Cortex Game Booster
Razer Cortex Game Booster

The Cortex is designed to improve the gaming quality by optimizing your CPU usage and killing unwanted apps. You just have to add your games to the library and when you open your game, Cortex is already doing its job.

The Razer Game Booster delivers seamless gameplay and fixes frame rates to make it smoother and the way it is meant to be played. It frees up RAM, suspends unwanted background processes and programs. It is completely free and available for any PC.

Best Features-

  1. The Razer Cortex Game Booster is completely Free of Cost
  2. Razer Game Booster can be used on any computer with any Graphics Card
  3. Razer Game Booster has Auto and Expert mode of customization

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Though it may not necessarily be a game booster, it still is a game enhancer. It is a game enhancer because this program lets you play your favorite games using a gamepad. Not all games support the use of a gamepad. So to make this feasible, Xpadder comes into play.

xpadder Game Enhancer
Xpadder Game Enhancer

You can assign keys of the gamepad to different functions and have multiple profiles set up. It is proven that a gamepad provides more control and easier gameplay than a keyboard. This becomes essential for seamless gameplay.

It has a simple and straightforward interface with all the essential options. Overall, it improves and enhances the gameplay and thus, is termed as a game enhancer.

Best Features-

  1. Xpadder is completely free of Cost
  2. The Xpadder supports single as well as multiplayer games
  3. It supports all the Game Controllers

DS4 Windows:

DS4 for Windows is another program that allows you to connect your PS4 gamepad to your windows PC. It makes your gameplay smoother and more seamless. You do not have to depend on the keyboard and missing keys during an intense gaming session.

DS4Windows Game Booster
DS4Windows Game Enhancers

PS4 controllers are a work of art by themselves. The keys are designed for a proper gaming need. Using the PS4/ Xbox controller on your PC will just make it easy for you to win games with utter smoothness. No hassles of hitting the wrong key.

All your PS4 keys can be programmed with the help of DS4. Hence, DS4 is known as a game enhancer.

Best Features-

  1. Simple and Clean User Interface
  2. Multiple profile setup options
  3. High Customization options available


TeamSpeak is an online communicating platform that connects multiple-users via common low latency servers with military-grade encryption. Users can join servers or create their own to communicate with fellow server-mates. Sound familiar, right?

TeamSpeak- Game Enhancer
TeamSpeak- Game Enhancers

Discord is based on this idea as well. If you have used Discord, you know it takes a considerable amount of resources on your system and also internet bandwidth.

On the other hand, TeamSpeak is a much lighter program compared to Discord. It can be used on low-spec PCs as well and is specifically recommended.

It is the perfect software for communicating while gaming and it has been in the gaming industry since 2002. You can download it for free but they also offer paid services as well.

Best Features-

  1. Teamspeak have additional features like integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, background noise cancellation
  2. No Sign up required
  3. Military-grade encryption for entire servers

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Open Broadcaster Software:

You might have heard about Open Broadcaster Software or OBS before. It is used to stream and record your PC screen and is used by most of the streamers since it is stable and consumes fewer resources. Gaming streamers nowadays use OBS to broadcast their gameplay as well.

OBS- Game Recorder & Live Streaming Software
OBS Studio Game Enhancers

A lot of current YouTubers use OBS to make really good content for their channels and by good quality, I mean the video recording with good video and audio sync. It comes with a lot of bells and whistles that help in streaming.

It supports the “quick transitions” feature that makes the stream look better and lively. This is one of those rare tools recommended by YouTube itself for better content quality.

Best Features-

  1. Free and open-source software
  2. additional features for video editing and streaming
  3. Advanced configuration panel to tweak settings to a low level and Modular Dock UI with customizable layout


Playing a game for a long time is not new for any of us and frankly speaking, it is not a big deal but for the computers, it is. If you have used Dell or HP’s gaming laptops, you might have to face the situation where the game gets a little laggy and suddenly the system shuts down due to high temperatures.

Speedfan Game Booster
SpeedFan- Game Enhancers

Here Speedfan will be your great companion. Speedfan is a PC software program that measures all the active temperature zones of your PC, also measures voltages. It keeps a check on the temperatures and the voltages throughout the PC. It can change them if something does not function or behave properly.

This program helps make your PC components last longer and perform seamlessly for longer times than usual. It has a very basic and easy user interface. User events can be fully configured to execute actions based on system performance. It also keeps a check on external hard drives or SATA ports or SSDs.

Best Features-

  1. Easy to use software with simple User Interface
  2. Keeps in check the temperatures and voltages
  3. free of cost

FXAA Post Process Injector:

This program is mainly used to enhance the graphics of the game. This is purely made for FXAA, GFX, and all the good stuff that the pro gamers know and gamers like us don’t even realize it’s there.

FXAA Post Process Injector

FXAA Post Process Injector can enhance the gameplay and improve the frame rates of your game. It improves the post-processing effects like bloom, sharpens, technicolor, sepia, tone map, vignette, etc. All these can make your graphics better and make your game look better.

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MSI Afterburner:

An Afterburner is a game booster that enables the user to control the clocking speed of the graphics card completely. The MSI Afterburner is mainly used to overclock graphic cards and is preferred by many gamers.

MSI After Burner- Game Boosters
MSI AfterBurner- Game Boosters


This utility provides all detailed info about your graphics card and additional features that can be used to customize controls. It can be used to configure fan speeds, benchmark, and also video recording.

All this provides a performance boost for all your games as well as complete transparency of the performance of your graphics card.

Best Features-

  1. Provides precise access to your graphics card settings
  2. Provides an automatic most stable overclock settings option for ease
  3. Displays all the stats of the graphic card performance on the screen while playing game

AMD Overdrive:

Similar to the MSI Afterburner, Overdrive is an overclocking utility software made for AMD Graphic cards. It offers advanced controls over your graphics card like customizing the temperature by altering fan speeds which leads to a boost in its performance. This will cause games to be played in better graphics at higher frame rates.

AMD Overdrive

AMD Overdrive is one of the safest ways to overclock the graphical processor since it will overclock the GPU but limit at the cap of safety range so your processor does not get damaged in the process.

Best Features-

  1. The main dashboard is simple and has all the parameters like the processor’s core frequency, multiplier, voltage, temperature, and activity level to manage.
  2. It has the novice and advance control panel based on your requirement of customization
  3. It has a built-in benchmark tool to compare the setting tweaks in real-time

This was a short overview of all the game boosters that helps in enhancing your gameplay. Game boosters and game enhancers are made to do such tasks and if you are using any of the above Gameplay enhancer software, you would surely enjoy more.

Do you use any software or know any good alternative? Comment down and share it with your fellow brethren.

May The Force be with You!

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