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Instagram was launched in 2010 as a platform where photographers from all around the world can share their photos and creations in one place and can communicate with each other. Its popularity increased rapidly and it surpassed all its other rivals to emerge as one of the most used and most popular social media platforms. Thus began the race to increase Instagram followers using different applications like IGHOOT and MrInsta.

Instagram currently has about 1 billion active users per day and has become a very popular option for people to connect with a large audience. The more popular a person is, the more is his/her Instagram followers. There are a lot of advantages of having a large number of followers on Instagram since then you become a “Social Media Influencer” which simply means that a large number of people look forward to your posts and opinions and listen and follow you. Many people suggest newcomers buy Instagram followers but why buy Instagram followers when you can get them for free.

Perks of a High number of Instagram followers –

Whether it be something as simple as giving a shoutout or getting paid via Instagram, having large fan-following on IG has a large number of benefits:

  • The most amazing benefit of having a large following is that you can make money out of it. A large number of companies are always on the lookout for social media influencers to advertise their products. If the people following you fall under the category of consumers for that company or product, they might contact you and pay you to advertise and tell people to try out their products. This way you can earn money by posting about certain companies or making a video about it and get paid by the advertiser.
  • The next benefit is kind of obvious. A large following on IG means that you will surely be famous among people. Fans will love you and respect you and listen to your ideas and thoughts.
  • If you have a business of your own and are popular on Instagram, you can use this to expand your business further making it popular through your followers and eventually end-up getting more clients. This the reason why most of the celebrities come up with their own range of products.
  • Once you get a large number of followers on Instagram, you can use these followers to increase your following furthermore or even increase your subscribers and viewers on other platforms such as YouTube.
  • One of the amazing perks of having a large following on Instagram is that you can use this for the advancement of our society by inspiring and motivating people who look forward to you. This way you can bring good changes to our society and its people.

What is IGHOOT?


Although Instagram is very popular among people, yet, in the end, it is just a software application, and if a person has the correct tools, he/she can easily get his way around the system to increase likes and followers on Instagram. IG Hoot is an Instagram Automation tool that can be used to get free followers on Instagram and also get free likes on your Insta posts. It also provides you with the option to purchase Instagram likes and followers. Moreover, IG Hoot is the safest and best tool when it comes to Instagram Auto Liker tools. This will get you free Instagram followers, much better than to buy Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram followers with IGHoot –

Using the automation system provided by IGHoot, any Instagram user can easily increase their follower count in very less time. This can be done either through their official website or their app by following some basic procedures. Here are the steps to use IGHoot and increase the Instagram following for free:

1. The first thing to get started is opening the IGHoot website or mobile app and creating an account on the site. (Also, you would be requiring an Instagram account whose followers you will be increasing.)

2. After this, you would be required to login to your Instagram account using the proper credentials.

3. After that login into your account and you will have access to the Instagram tools dashboard consisting of various tools such as Free Instagram Likes, Free Instagram Followers, etc.

4. Select the option for increasing followers and input the number of followers you want to increase. Here you should take care of not entering a very large number immediately and starting slowly because if the Instagram system detects that the followers have been coming through a bot, it may ban the account. So, start slowly and you will get the desired followers for free.

5. At last, click on “Get Followers” and then the system works for some time and if all the above steps are followed properly, you will get the corresponding number of followers on your Instagram account totally free of cost.

IGhoot app get followers.jpg

Tips to keep current followers and increase followers–

Many times people have a lot of followers for a certain time but after that, the follower count decreases. The problem is that people want more followers but don’t know how to keep them into following you. Here we have listed some key points by which you can keep your current followers and even increase the number of followers you have presently:

  • Be constant in terms of both the quality of your posts and their quantity. Keep the posts interesting and interactive.
  • Do some research on currently trending topics and post about them using appropriate and catchy hashtags.
  • Try to get shoutouts or features in posts from other bigger Instagram influencers so that you can reach out to more audiences and increase your followers on the platform.
  • Also, keep spreading the message about your Instagram profile and posts on other platforms to increase your reach to the audience.
  • You can try using other automation tools like ezlikers and Mrinsta to get more followers and bring your profile in attention to other Instagram users.

At last, all we can conclude is that Instagram is a very powerful platform whether you want to gain fame or money, and the key to getting both lies completely in the number of followers. So, if you are looking to get more followers on Instagram either to become a Social Media Influencer or for spreading your business or just for getting fame and popularity among the masses, you can definitely use the above tricks and tips especially the IG Hoot app to achieve this. We always recommend people not buy Instagram Followers as it will not last long but to post Quality Content and make worth it for your followers.

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