The entire world has been captivated due to COVID 19 pandemic as entire countries are in a state of lockdown. A lot of industries have crippled due to the economic crisis but the entertainment industry has been reincarnated through the medium of online streaming platforms and Over the top (OTT) video streaming services. One of these OTT platforms that have become very popular among users is “Disney+”. Disney Plus has launched just around 9 months ago on November 12 2019 and has become highly famous not only among the fans of Disney Pictures but also among users who wish to see premium quality movies and TV shows. It is managed and operated by DTCI which is a subsidiary of the legendary Walt Disney Company. Since many platforms are giving free subscriptions, there are many ways to get Free Disney+ Subscription to watch all titles. We are about to tell you 3 Best Legal ways to get Free Disney Plus Subscription. Disney+ offers many legendary titles, few named Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar that are enjoyed by all age groups.

Disney plus Subscription Offers Titles
Disney shows

Disney Plus is a platform to release films and television shows on the Internet instead of releasing them in cinema halls. The primary services of Disney Plus distribute those movies and tv shows that are produced by Walt Disney Television and The Walt Disney Studios and their other brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar to name a few. The platform’s popularity is rising rapidly and Disney Plus recorded about 54.5 million subscribers by 4 May 2020.

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  • Disney Plus subscription plans –

Disney acquired Hotstar in 2018 and after the launch of Disney+ last year, both these services have been combined under the name of Disney+ Hotstar, and the paid services include content from both the mediums. Some of the channels on this service like news channels and some sports channels can be viewed for free if you have created a Disney+ Hotstar account. However, if you want to experience the full features offered by Disney Plus, you have to subscribe to their paid membership plans that come under two categories. The first one is the Premium plan that is a bit costlier being priced at ₹ 299/ month or ₹ 1499/year, but offers a large number of options and gives access to all the content available on Hotstar including Hollywood movies also. The second plan is the VIP subscription that is priced at ₹ 399 for an entire year is a much cheaper and affordable for a large number of users. It is also a good plan if you are only interested in Indian shows and movies since the plan comes with access to all the sports content along with Indian content on the platform.

Disney plus Subscription Offers Packages
Disney plus offers Packages
  • Disney Plus perks –

There are a number of perks that come with the Disney+ subscription some of which are listed here:

Disney plus offers Famous Titles
  • Disney+ has a wide variety of popular and family-friendly content and also includes libraries of movies from its fan-favorite brands and series such as Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel Studios, and National Geographic.
  • The main advantage of choosing Disney+ is that its plans are comparatively cheaper than other competitors in the market such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. So, you can enjoy quality content at very affordable prices.
  • As Disney+ has collaborated with Hotstar, the users also get access to all the content from Hotstar including a large number of sports channels, news channels, movies, and TV shows.

All these perks combined with the massive and aggressive marketing campaign that has been launched by Disney Plus has made it very popular in a very short duration and has provided a market threat to its other competitors.

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  • How to get free Disney+ subscription –

Disney+ has launched its services for such an affordable price that it does not feel the need to even provide a free trial period offer to its customers. Earlier it used to give a 7-day free trial to its new users but after the revised plans were launched, this free-trial offer was revoked. It is still possible to get a free subscription to Disney Plus using some tricks. These methods involve using other platforms and sites to gain access to the Disney+ subscription for a specified duration of time. Some of these hacks are very effective and you can even use them more than once. So here is a list of ways to get a free Disney Plus subscription:

  • Did you ever wonder that your online shopping skills would give you a Disney Plus subscription? Well, now it is possible with this amazing offer that has been brought to you by Flipkart. It is a rather simple trick and all you have to do is collect Super Coins that are given by Flipkart with each purchase that you make from its store. You just have to collect enough Super Coins to redeem the free subscription offer from its offer’s menu. This redemption gives you “free” access to Disney+ Hotstar subscription for an entire year. The amazing thing is that you can collect the same amount of coins from another Flipkart account and extend your free subscription furthermore.

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Flipkart Disney+ subscription offers
  • Another way to get free Disney+ features is to use your Airtel prepaid connection. Airtel has launched a new data pack plan that provides you with 3 GB of data for ₹ The important thing is that this plan comes with an amazing offer: Disney plus Subscription Offers. Upon activation of the plan, users get a redemption code to get a free Disney Plus subscription for an entire year. You can recharge with this pack again to get the same benefit again. The plan provides you with the VIP subscription plan which costs ₹ 1499 for a year but you get it for free with Airtel offer.
Disney+ subscription offers
Disney+ subscription offers Data Pack
  • Another trick is for Reliance Jio users, where the users get Disney plus Subscription Offers upon recharging with the plans of ₹ 401 (monthly plan) or ₹ 2599 (annual recharge plan). The users get one-year-long validity of Disney+ entirely free of cost as an additional benefit saving subscription fees of ₹ 399 for the user.
Disney+ subscription offers
Disney+ subscription offers Jio Recharge

To sum up, Disney Plus is a very vast and family-friendly OTT platform and is totally worth getting Free Disney Plus Subscription. You can choose to pay for the subscription to its services or apply one or more tricks mentioned above to get a free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar.

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