Apple M1 Silicon Chip: Everything You Need to Know about New MacBooks

Apple M1 Silicon Chip: Everything You Need to Know about New MacBook

With Apple’s new launch and transition from Intel to Apple Silicon Chip “Apple M1 Chip” performance can be a game-changer for new MacBooks. For the last 2-3 years, the MacBooks were not exactly known for their performance considering their price. Many of the other Laptops were emerged to be the best considering the price to performance ratio.


With the launch of Apple Silicon chip, the expectations are quite considerable, leap in efficiency, or a massive jump in performance. Now, you might think the leap in efficiency would be the same MacBook weight, same power, but double the battery life, the massive jump in performance would be the same MacBook battery life, same laptop but twice as fast.

So when the new Apple M1 Silicon chip was launched, turns out, they did both. As of now, Apple has given us only the number, quite impressive numbers. We only have what they said on the Stage, but Apple is pretty good about delivering what they say on the stage so we should expect Game-changer from Apple.

Overview of Apple Silicon M1 Chip-

Apple Silicon M1 is a 5nm chip with 8 total core, 4 high-performance cores, and 4 high-efficiency cores similar to iPhone and iPad chips. You can also say that the Apple Silicon M1 Chip is a beefed version of the iPad chip stacked in MacBook. The Apple Silicon also has an Integrated 8-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, and a Unified memory.

Apple M1 Silicon Chip

If you are a tech person, you would notice the pros and cons of Unified memory right away. Pros: The unified memory will have low-latency, high-bandwidth, and it also allows you to share the data between CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine efficiently, which means the tasks you will be performing would be fast and fluid.

Cons: Since the RAM is on the board, there is no way for user upgradeability at all with any new MacBook with an M1 silicon chip.

Apple M1 Silicon Chip Unified Memory

Performance Claims of Apple MacBook with Silicon Chip-

If you remember the MacBook Air refresh 6-7 months back, we said that the Apple MacBook Air 2020 is cute but needs more power. With the new M1 Silicon chip, Apple claims that the MacBooks will be able to launch apps faster.

The MacBook Air with Silicon chips will have 3.5x faster CPU than quoted by Apple  “1.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-based MacBook Air systems, all configured with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD“.

For the MacBook Pro with Silicon Chip, it will have a 2.8x CPU performance, 5x graphics performance, and also 3x faster than the best-selling Windows Laptop in its class. For Windows Laptops, the best-selling ones are not necessarily the best performance Windows laptops so Apple might have pulled one sneaky on everyone here.

CPU Performance vs Power

The launch also showed the gameplay of a few minutes claiming to have buttery smooth animations and 5x faster graphics performance compared to quoted Apple “1.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-based MacBook Air systems with Intel Iris Plus Graphics, all configured with 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD“.

Also the fancy “Instant Wake up from Sleep” feature with 2x faster SSD, so Apple.

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Battery Life Claims of Apple MacBook with Silicon Chip-

Apple claims that the new MacBook Air with Silicon chip will have 15 hours of wireless web browsing and 18 hours of Video Playback which is apparently 6 more hours than the previous MacBook Air.

MacBook Air Battery Life

Similarly, for the MacBook Pro, Apple claims it would have 17 hours of wireless web browsing and 20 hours of Video Playback.

MacBook Pro Battery Life

So looking at the battery life claims, we can hope that the new MacBooks with Silicon chip will last throughout the cross-country flights with you not worrying much about the battery percentage.

New Apple Mac Mini-

Apple has also launched the refreshed version of Mac Mini with an M1 chip and that also has some mind-blowing number claims. The Mac Mini will also have an 8-core CPU that delivers 3x CPU performance than the previous generation Mac Mini (3.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i3-based Mac mini systems, all configured with 16GB of RAM and 2TB SSD).

The Mac Mini also has a 16-core Neural Engine that will able to deliver up to 15x faster ML performance. The Mac Mini will also have 2x faster SSD with a speed up to 3.4 GBs, so from launching apps to loading the files, all will be much faster.

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Price of New MacBooks-

With such new features and availability of MacBooks during the Covid19 situation, the prices were expected to be a little higher but Apple has replaced the previous Apple Air, Apple MacBook 13 inch, and Mac Mini with the new ones at the same prices.

MacBook Air
New Apple MacBook Air with M1 Silicon Chip

So the Apple MacBook Air with M1 Chip will start at $999 and if you are a student, the Apple MacBook Air with M1 Chip will start at $899. The same goes for MacBook Pro, the regular pricing would be $1299 and for students, it would be $1199. The Mac Mini starts at a price of $699 and for students, it would be $679.

New Apple MacBook Pro
New Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Chip

Our Not So Yet Final Verdict- 

Since Apple’s new numbers are quite impressive for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini, it would be quite amusing to see those numbers in real on the performance benchmarks. Apple sure has pulled one on everyone since we were not expecting this quite soon after launching the refreshed versions of Apple Air and Apple MacBook 2020.

What do you think about the New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1 Silicon Chips? Do let us know in the comments section below. We will also bring you a complete review of the MacBook with silicon chip as soon as we get our hands-on and review them for at least a week.

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