13 Reasons to Purchase Apple MacBook in Black Friday Sale

13 Reasons to Purchase Apple MacBook in 2020

The Laptops or say Apple MacBooks have now become essential to have and given the variety of options with features of laptops, confusing would be obvious. But while choosing the laptop for usage, be that gaming or business, people usually focus on technical features like Chipset, RAM, Graphical processor, and so on but often miss the key features. You have one foremost confusion is whether to hop on Windows Operating System or premium-priced MacBook macOS. There are not many choices in Apple, either MacBook Air or MacBook Pro in 13″ or 16″. Mac Operating System is considered the simplest and most stable operating system in the market.

So without any due, let us get into it. We will start off with Non-technical reasons and dive into technical aspects.

1) MacBook is Cheaper in Long Run-

Yes, you read it right. Cheaper, Apple Macbook is not cheaper in price from any angle. Even Apple MacBook Air starts at $999 for basic configuration which is by the way great option for students or even light users. The top-end model 16″ Apple MacBook Pro goes up to $2799 as of now. So how is Apple cheaper in Long Run?

Well, firstly Apple MacBooks are away too premium build with unibody chassis which keeps it strong and sturdy. Secondly, the refurbished price, Apple Macs are sold is very high price compared to other laptops. See it in this way, if you purchase a laptop and try to sell it, you will get around 40% of its initial value, but in the case of Apple, you will definitely get more than 50% of the initial cost even after 2 years of usage. Look at the image below for rough calculations-

Apple MacBook Reselling and Refurbished Price
Source- Apple Official

2) Easier to Buy & High Availability of MacBook-

With the numerous laptops launched by the companies, it may be difficult to find the exact product that you need or the exact model with that specific configuration. While in the case of Apple, it is very easy to narrow down to the exact model you will need with respect to your usage.

With the limited products and specific configuration, the Apple Macs are available at all Apple Stores. You can find the specific Apple MacBook Pro easily. There is also an option to order online which will get your Mac delivered to your address and that too in 2-3 Days.

3) Bug-Free Software

Apple has always known for its premium prices for its hardware but little know for its software. Apple software is the best in stability and performance as compared to the Windows Softwares mainly due to the quality assurance of Apple. Since only 7.5% of the users in the world use the Mac Operating System, the Mac software is less in quantity and high in quality, unlike Windows.

Apple MacBook: Latest macOS Catalina 10.15.3
Source- Apple Official

4) Virus and Security

Security is one of the vital reasons why people opt for Apple products. We are not saying, Apple Mac, cannot be hacked or is immune to the virus but are less at risk. But as compared to Windows and other Operating Systems, the Mac Operating Systems are fairly protected.

5) Time machine and iCloud

Time Machine is software used for file backups on your Mac. You can backup your entire Mac, including system files, apps, photos, music, emails, document, and every other thing you have on your Mac. You can configure the time machine to back up your data on Mac for every hour, day, week, or monthly backup. The time machine not only saves a copy of your files but also stores the snapshots of your stored files on your local machine. If you accidentally change or delete any file, you can recover the files using Apple’s Time Machine.

Apple MacBook: macOs specialty iCloud & Time Machine
Source- Apple Official

Now let’s talk about iCloud. iCloud is a similar cloud storage platform as Google Drive for Android and Windows machines except for iCloud only gives 5 GB for free. After that, you need to upgrade the iCloud storage space and pay on a monthly basis. The pricing of iCloud for the USA customers is 50GB for $0.99, 200GB for $2.99 and, 2TB for $9.99.

6) MacBook OS Upgradation

Mac OS is one of the most favored operating systems by the developers and tech enthusiasts because it’s super clean, refined, stable, easy to use interface, and far nicer place to spend your time. As of now, July 2nd, 2020 the latest stable version of the Mac Operating system is macOS 10.15: Catalina and macOS 11: Big Sur is in the beta stage.

macOS stable update
Mac Operating System Source- Apple Official

It is super easy for users to upgrade their Mac Operating system and yes it does not add more bugs and unstable features. The macOS is shortcut dependable and is recommended to use more shortcuts than other operating systems. Few notable key features of macOS are as follows-

a) Even though you can use Microsoft Office Suite on your MacBook, iWork is a great alternative and far better to get work done than Microsoft Office Suite.

b) If you are working in Adobe software, macOS is the best operating system for its high performance and capabilities.

c) Most of the Apple apps are completely free and can be downloaded from Apple Store.

d) Need a Psychotherapist? Just Ask OS X. You will be opting for a way for fun than what you bargained for.

e) You get Siri. While Cortana has disappointed in Windows Laptops, Siri, on the other hand, has impressed us and performs way beyond on Macs.

f) Split Screen- The Split screen in the Apple MacBooks is a notable feature. Many people don’t find this feature useful but for content writers, photoshop users find this extremely useful.

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7) Work Done

This may sound a little biased but Apple’s software is completely focused on the people who want to get the work done. The User Interface is simple and straight forward which basically allows the user to get the work done without tinkering here and there like Windows.

Source- Apple Official

8) Style and Elegance of MacBook

Apple has been ruling over the market and has been impressing everyone with their looks and style. Apple MacBooks are slim, lightweight, unibody design which makes it look very premium and distinct colors. Although there are many other laptops that are getting a complete premium makeover like Dell XPS 13 or HP Spectre x360, Apple looks more premium and still maintains its top spot for Style and Elegance.

Source- Apple Official

9) Can run Windows on Macbook

If you have run the macOS in Windows by using any virtual box, you know it can be very messy. Firstly, the Windows machine must have at least 8 GB RAM but 16 is recommended by most of the tech experts. But on the other hand, it is very simple and easy to install Windows updated version on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant. You can switch between Windows and macOS when restarting.

Source- Apple Official

There is certain software that is exclusive to Windows Operating System like certain games, so installing Windows Operating System over macOS is very handy. Although, it is still debatable who will play games on their macOS.

10) Trackpads & Palm Rest-

The force touch Trackpads are smooth and big for precise cursor control and pressure-sensing capabilities as they say but for me, it is smooth and beautiful. Many laptops have smaller trackpads and well the size of trackpads may vary for person to person for liking but not many people have disliked the big Apple Trackpads.

Source- Apple Official

It also has a big palm rest which allows resting the rear part of your palm on the surface and not the edge. This especially affects the people who type a lot of stuff on their MacBook, writers, or blogger for example.

11) Display-

The retina display on Mac is an exceptional quality display with IPS technology having 2560*1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch. The screen brightness goes from 300 nits to 500 nits depending on the model you purchase. Basically the screen on Mac is bright enough to be in sunlight and get the work done.

Source- Apple Official

The Mac display supports 1680*1050, 1440*900, and 1024*640 scaled resolutions and has a true tone. Basically, it uses advanced multichannel sensors to adjust the color and intensity of your display and Touch Bar to match the ambient light so that images appear more natural.

12) Performance

When compared to the same specification laptops with MacBooks, the number clearly shows how superior the performance of the MacBook is as compared to other laptops. If you are a content creator, video editor, or works a lot in photo editing, MacBooks are the best bet you can have for superior performance. Although considering the price point and the processors get, it is fair to consider the other laptops as options as they will have more price to performance ratio.

Apple MacBook: Three Kingdoms Performance
Source- Apple Official
Apple MacBook: Final Cut Pro X Performance
Source- Apple Official
Apple MacBook: Affinity Photo Performance
Source- Apple Official

13) Sound

2020 MacBook line-up has entirely improved in the sound department. The MacBook Air has amazing sound quality with respect to clarity and sharpness at medium volume and MacBook Pro has better low tone sounds than the other versions. The MacBook 16″ has the loudest sound in all the series with vents at the bottom for depth and bass.

Bonus- MacBook Pro Deals

Yes, the MacBook Pro and Macbook Air are pretty darn expensive as compared to the Dell, HP laptops but if you are a student, you get up to $200 off. Right now, there is the best offer that gets you Apple Airpods free on any MacBook you purchase and a 20% additional discount on Apple Care+. Even if that offer is gone at the time you are reading this article, I strongly recommend purchasing Apple’s refurbished products as they come after a rigorous certification process and you get 1 Year Apple warranty as well.

Best Mac Air Deals
Source- Apple Official

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