Tunesbro: Best Data Recovery Tool for Android, Windows & Mac


Do you regret it when you have deleted files that you actually wanted to use or lost files and data somehow that had huge importance to you? Well, you are not alone as losing data is a very common scenario occurring with billions of people worldwide. We live in a world where data is like fuel to an engine and we constantly generate data. The enormous bulk of files and information sometimes makes it difficult for us to keep data systems that ultimately result in the user’s data being deleted. If you search on the Internet, you will get many options for Data recovery of which Tunesbro Data Recovery, Stella Data Recovery Tool are one of the most trusted and Premium Data Recovery Softwares. You might be in the search of mobile data recovery, Windows data recovery, or even Mac Cleaner for which you will find multiple options.

The main aspect of the problem is linked to what we do after the loss of data. The time span of about 60 minutes after the loss of data is extremely crucial and plays an important role in whether the lost data could be recovered or not.

We all know that every problem has its own solution and this problem also has a solution in the form of data recovery tools and applications that help us in easily recovering files and folders that were lost. Data recovery is such an important field today that there are thousands of tools available for this task. But only a few of them are trustworthy and legit and one of them is “Tunesbro”.

  • What is Tunesbro? –

Tunesbro Inc. was established in 2012 by an enthusiastic group of people that were passionate about their work. It has come up as a leader in providing consumer software and is mainly dedicated to developing the most powerful and user-friendly Utility, Media, Phone, and Data recovery software. The company reported about 1 million customers from 123 countries around the world that were served by Tunesbro. Tunesbro aims of becoming the best mobile and data recovery tool provider around the world.

  • Tunesbro Highlights –

Tunesbro provides a variety of solutions for data recovery and other utilities, but it has three main features:

  1. Digital Data Recovery: Tunesbro studio provides the most powerful data recovery software “DiskGeeker”. This tool can help you retrieve any sort of data including photos, videos, documents, etc. from laptops, computers, hard drives, digital devices, or other storage media
  2. Android Data Recovery: Tunesbro provides the “DiskLab” software which is fuelled by the latest data recovery engine and has the capability of scanning all deleted or lost data from Android devices with 10 X faster recovery speed. No matter the reason for data loss, DiskLab enables you to fully restore your data with minimal effort.
  3. Mac Cleaner: Keeping your device in a clean state is very important especially if you are a Mac user. However, it is also a hectic and time-consuming task to clear this “digital junk”. Tunesbro provides a solution for this with the “CleanGeeker” tool which is capable of smart scanning and cleaning bulks of cache files and clutter junk that lie around in the system, Mail, iTunes, and other applications. It is a complete package that cleans, optimizes, and maintains your Mac OS thus making your Mac device run faster.
  • How to use Tunesbro –

Using Tunesbro tools is very simple owing to its user-friendly screen interface and any person can easily recover their data using Tunesbro. Here we have listed some of the main recovery tasks you can perform using the Tunesbro toolkit:

  1. Recover files from hard drives and other storage devices –

Tunesbro DiskGeeker is used to retrieve files from storage devices. To do so, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Download the DiskGeeker installer and follow the setup wizard to install the program. Launch the program after installation.

Tunesbro DiskGeeker
TunesBro DiskGeeker- Mobile Data Recovery/ Windows Data Recovery

Step 2: Select the type of files you want to recover or select “Recover All”. Click “Start” after file selection and select the drive for scanning. After this click on the “Start Scan” to scan the selected drive.

Tunesbro DiskGeeker
Tunesbro DiskGeeker- Mobile Data Recovery/ Windows Data Recovery

Step 3: After completion of the scan you will see a preview list of all the files from which you can select the files to recover. After that click on the “Recover” button to save the files back to the disk.

Tunesbro DiskGeeker
Windows Data Recovery

2. Recover files from Android devices –

Perform the following steps using Tunesbro DiskLab for Android device recovery:

Step 1: Download the DiskLab installer and follow the setup wizard to install the program. Launch the program after installation.

Tunesbro Disklab- Best Data Recovery Tool
Tunesbro Data Recovery- Tunesbro Disklab

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the same computer using a USB cable. Enable USB Debugging mode on the Android device. DiskLab will automatically scan the external device.

Data recovery Tool for Android

Step 3: After device detection, click on “Start Scan” to scan for all the deleted files stored on the device.

Step 4: After completion of the scan you will see a preview list of all the files from which you can select the files to recover. After that click on the “Recover” button to save the files to the computer and transfer them back to the Android device.

Android Data recovery Tool

3. Perform maintenance of Mac devices –

One of the main tasks in maintenance is cleaning junk files and cache files from our system. Since the MacBook you own will not have large storage space like Windows machines, you will likely need mac cleaner many times in a period. There are several mac cleaner tools available in the market. Even Apple has its premium mac cleaner software that works brilliantly but as usual, it is expensive. This can be accomplished by Tunesbro CleanGeeker in three basic steps:

Step 1: After installing and launching the application, locate the “Junk Clean” tab on the left side of the application. Click on “Quick Scan” from this tab to start scanning.

Clean Junk using Mac Cleaner

Step 2: Upon finishing the scan, a list of multiple categories of junk is displayed alongside individual files.

Step 3: Select files to delete and click on the “Delete” button. Confirm when a pop-up appears and your junk files and cache files will be deleted.

Mac Cleaner Software

  • Advantages of Tunesbro Data Recovery–

Tunesbro tools have astounding features and many advantages as a Data Recovery Tool. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  1. Tunesbro is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS devices making it easier for consumers of both systems to use it.
  2. It is a fast and reliable toolkit with 100% efficiency and a 95% + success rate.
  3. Tunesbro DiskGeeker works on UEFI, DSI, and BIOS boot modes with support for all types of hard drives such as SATA, NTFS, FAT32, etc.
  4. Tunesbro CleanGeeker intelligently monitors all operations in your Mac in real-time.
  5. Tunesbro DiskLab allows you to preview your Android recovery data before you retrieve it so that you can select whether to recover the entire data or a few selected items.

Thus, Tunesbro is one of the best data recovery tool in the market that is trusted by millions worldwide and is also recommended by data recovery experts to solve your data loss problems and if you have some important data missing, you should probably try this application.

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