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PUBG mobile 15.0 Bypass Emulator Detection TGB & Gameloop 2019 latest


As we all know, PUBG is a trending game. Its mobile version and emulator support have gained the users drastically. The mobile players always paired with mobile players and the same goes for the emulator. But not the mobile VS emulator because that will be unfair and emulator players will always have the advantage over mobile players. So today we have hacked the Tencent gaming buddy PUBG Emulator and gameloop which will let you bypass the emulator detection, and you will be able to play with mobile players or bypass pubg emulator detection with Cerberus hack.

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This will give you the advantage and more chicken dinners, of course.

The process is quite simple but making the slightest mistake will cost you PuBG account (means your account may get banned) so follow the steps carefully. So let’s jump on the process. After implementing this hack, you will no longer see the “Emulator Detected” at the start of the game.

Please be aware that hacking is illegal. Do not blame anyone other than you for a banned account. Using other cheats and even an emulator bypass is a hack according to Tencent and Pubg corporation. This post should be used as a tool to help the public understand how hackers are bypassing pubg anti-cheat detection. The Hacking world team shall not be held responsible if any criminal charges are brought against any person who misuses the information on this website to violate the law. We do not support hacking.

Read full disclaimer

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Current version: IS detected and will result in ban

A new hacking script is made for LD PLAYER that works with version 0.17 and 0.18

NEW Update: A new emulator bypass script is made for PUBG mobile version 0.17 and 0.18. You can check it out here.

1. TGB Tencent gaming buddy (Now Gameloop)

emulator bypass pubg mobile 15.0 version

Tencent gaming buddy (Now Gameloop) is the best-optimised emulator for playing Pubg mobile on your PC. It has been optimised to give you the best frame rates out of all the emulators. So just for you, we have brought the best way to bypass PuBG mobile emulator detection.

Some pre-requisites for performing this HACK:

  1. Tencent gaming buddy (Now Gameloop)
  2. Xposed apk
  3. Cerberus apk (Created by ciceron)
  4. Anti-cheat disabler (Made by mokkaa)

Full credits to ciceron for this fantastic hack..!!!!

Step 1) Download the above files and install Tencent gaming buddy latest version from the main website. Uninstall if you have any previous installations. You can also use gameloop but it is riskier.

Step 2) Go to emulator Settings->Advanced and set all the settings you need like resolution and graphics, dpi, etc

Step 3) Go to this path C:\Program Files\txgameassistant\ui or whatever installation path you have chosen during installation. In there you will find the androidemulator.exe file. Create a shortcut of these file on the desktop. From now on only use, this to start the game.

Step 4) Press F9 on the following screen. You will see a browser icon. Click on this icon and download es explorer from their main website.

Step 5) Copy all the downloaded apk files to this path C:\Temp\TxGameDownload\MobileGamePCShared\

Step 6) Open es explorer and go to /data/share1/  and you will be able to see the data copied by you in the previous step. The path is root folder then data then share1. Install the apk files.

Step 7) Install Xposed (Plain Install)

Step 8) After Xposed installation is done, reboot Tencent gaming buddy. (Now Gameloop)

Step 9) Install the Cerberus app but don`t open it yet.

**CAUTION! Don’t start the game after this step

Step 10) Open Xposed, click on Modules, and click Project Cerberus module from it. Check the module as shown.

Step 11) Restart Tencent gaming buddy (Now Gameloop)

Step 12) Now open Cerberus click on bypass PUBG button below.

Step13) Reboot Tencent gaming buddy. (Now Gameloop)

Step 14) Open anti-cheat disabler which was downloaded in the beginning. Run as administrator.

Click on the “anti-cheat off Cerberus” option as shown in the image below:

Once you have done this. Now open Cerberus again and click on run pubg

Step 15) Open Cerberus, it should give you the following screen. Now run pubg mobile from Cerberus. From now on, always use this app to start the game. Do not start the game directly.

Congratulations you have successfully bypassed pubg mobile emulator detection. This is how you can bypass emulator detection on pubg mobile.

Note: Your account might get banned if you use this hack. It is for educational purposes only. Kindly do not hack pubg mobile as it will get your account banned.

Now you can even edit the phone info to stay anonymous on gameloop formerly Tencent gaming buddy.

This editor can help you mask your device id information and make the pubg mobile hack more effective.

You can edit and customize it to mimic your actual mobile device. This will help you remain undetected and successfully hack pubg mobile.

**Even if the HACK is successful, obey the following to keep your account from a ban.

  • Get less than 20 kills, not all the time but try to avoid it.
  • Maintain kill to death ratio under 10.
  • Disable spectating
  • Keep a low profile. Don`t brag
  • Don`t abuse the cheat.
  • Play like a mobile player. No quick scopes
  • Do not play matches on guest account make a twitter account, google play or a facebook account. Guest accounts are checked more thoroughly.
  • Don’t stream online or anything. People tend to report you more if you do.
  • Cerberus versions keep updating keep checking our website for the latest updates.
  • If you get reported you will be banned. Beware
  • Share the article and support myhackingworld website.

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The LD player hack as been moved and will be soon posted with new improvements. Donate and support the website.

Commonly asked questions

Q1. Which is better to use pubg emulator bypass Ld player or gameloop?

Ans: LD player is the best. Gameloop has anti-cheat. Very high chances of your account being banned. So Ld player is safer compared to TGB/Gameloop.

Q2. Who made the pubg mobile emulator bypass Cerberus 1.4.5?

Ans: This hack was made by ciceron. To support him, you can donate via the in-app button of the app. Hacking World team is not the one who made this hack. So we are not responsible for it and nor do we provide any support for this app.

Q3. Is hacking pubg mobile legal?

Ans: No, hacking Pubg mobile is not legal. This article is just to show you how hackers hack and bypass pubg mobile emulator detection. If you use this hack, there is a very high chance your account will be banned.

Q4. Does Cerberus support pubg mobile hacks like ESP, Magic Bullet, Aimbot, etc.?

Ans: No, Cerberus does not support these hacks. These hacks may or may not work. We do not recommend using any hacks because there is a chance your account might be banned.

Q5. I do not want my account to be banned what do I do?

Stop using hacks and switch to Pubg pc lite. Much better graphics and performance than pubg mobile. Also, the developer provides two major updates every month, so you never get bored. Also, there are no hackers in pubg pc lite because their hack detection system is really good and improving daily.

Want to be a pro pubg mobile gamer? Read the complete guide to being a conqueror.

This is how you can hack PuBG mobile by bypassing emulator detection…!!

Happy hacking…!!!


  1. damn i am ban LOL!!! using LD player latest version and i follow the steps then i get banned from logging in game lol

    • The new update is ready will be published today or tomorrow. Currently testing the pubg emulator bypass if it works properly. Thanks for the support share the article with your friends.

  2. Yeah.Sorry to hear that. Ironically since yesterday LD and memu are being banned. Tgb is still safe. I would recommend waiting for a update. The article will also be updated. Version 1.4.4

    • Pubg mobile is improving its detection. It has started to find hackers. Stop using the cheat. This article just shows how it’s possible to hack it. Don`t use it for actual matches there is always a chance of a ban. Play pubg lite instead if you like playing on pc.

    • The new update is ready will be published today or tomorrow. Currently testing the pubg emulator bypass if it works properly. Thanks for the support share the article with your friends.

  3. I cant see those 2 apk file in share1 for some reasons while I install and copy those apk file into C:\Temp\TxGameDownload\MobileGamePCShared.

    • In which folder did you look exactly. Share1 is the one you should be looking into. alternatively, you can just download those apps from the internet from within the emulator

  4. I cannot open pubg mobile from cerberus!! I can do it halfway ,but pubg mobile was crashed suddenly during loading and backed to cerberus.

    • Try reinstalling and bypassing. Currently, many people are facing 10 min bans. Some are not getting any bans. Depending on your situation kindly stop using the bypass if you get bans

    • This is only an emulator detection bypass. Other hacks are updated daily and all of them are either game guardian scripts.

  5. The trust is that you will get banned anyway if somebody will report you! So don’t trust any hack guys, there is none use from them. anytime when someone reports you you get banned so be carefull! use this cheats, but never play tdm, if you play it play very bad, and don’t add friends that you don’t know, don’t play squads if there is people that don’t knows you. so you will be safe from ban, if you know very good this game you know how to hide from reports, good luck everyone….

    • Exactly game updates make the emulator bypass that much vulnerable. Wait for a new bypass after the update. Stay safe. Will update with original bypass method when it becomes available.

    • Pubg is constantly pushing updates. I will update the article as soon as a stable bypass method is found. Currently, this method works only for lower levels with very low KD`S. High KD players get banned.

      • The new update is ready will be published today or tomorrow. Currently testing the pubg emulator bypass if it works properly. Thanks for the support share the article with your friends.

    • Yeah. At this time the bypass is not currently safe. You do get banned if someone reports or you reach higher levels. Also if you play with ace players you get detected. Will update the article as soon as I find a stable bypass method.

    • The new update is ready will be published today or tomorrow. Currently testing the pubg emulator bypass if it works properly. Thanks for the support share the article with your friends.

    • Try to start the game without Cerberus hack. If gameloop starts normally then the hack is causing the issue on the system. But if the same error occurs without the hack then it is an issue with your system

  6. now we are getting 10 minutes banned cont,,,,
    for sure the bypass is fully detected and we are getting banned
    will you release new version any time soon ?

    • I am not sure how you guys are getting banned. Can you share more details on what settings do you use? I reached from gold to crown without getting banned once. Last game 3 games I played today no bans.

    • Rebypass and use. My account did not get banned yet. Make sure you use facebook or twitter account. Also if you get detected and banned. Reinstall gameloop and pubg mobile. Better chances of being undetected.

  7. Too many possible reasons. I can show you all my settings in emulator and game, but it will better do in messegers, like discord, telegram…

  8. I change all settings on new Facebook account, but get ban again. I think that to fix this, it need to make chat in discord, or other masseger for easy write and sending screenshots.

    • With the start of pubg lite. Many of the players have switched. Mee too. It’s much better for pc players. Tencent emulator with every game update lags a lot. The bypass cannot solve the lag issue. Also, my mail is available in the custom request section if you want to send images and screenshots.

    • Yes, there are many similar options but they are dependent on your phone. If the phone supports then its good. If you have a high-end phone then its better to play on the phone I suppose. Will check and let you know

    • Pubg is updating versions a little too quickly. ld bypasser version 3.0 works at the moment. Others do not as far as I know. If a solution is found it will be updated on the site

      • ah.. yes.. ldplayer bypass still works. but ldplayer keymapping is not like gameloop. one F for several actions. could you make tutorial on how to set ldplayer keymapping same as gameloop?

  9. halo sir, it is works before 0.15.5 update. now it is always say “data has changed” if enemies were real person. any info how to fix this “data has changed”?


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