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How to Root Any Xiaomi/ Mi Mobile Phone [Complete Guide]


Who does not love to have full control over every feature on their smartphone? It is always better and convenient if you can get some extra features on your mobile device. It enhances most of your work and makes things super easy. By rooting your Xiaomi/Mi phone you can easily gain full control over your smartphone. You can change and make any changes you want in your devices from the root access. Getting the Mi/Xiaomi Phone root is quite tricky due to its operating system and internal settings. We also have a way to unlock Mi/ Xiaomi bootloader or Root MiUi Device in the easiest possible way.

How to Root Any Xiaomi/ Mi Mobile Phones [Complete Guide]

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You can change the layout of the settings, you can change the operating system and almost anything you want. There are more than 14,000+ mobile device models available in the market. If I have to make a guide to show you how to root specific mobile, it will take me ages to finish off with all the mobile models. That is why this is the detailed guide on rooting  Xiaomi/Mi phones. You can easily root any of the Xiaomi or Mi mobile phone without causing any error.

This guide will work for most of the Samsung, LG, sony mobile devices as well. The process is almost the same. You will need to find the respective drivers and the files needed for specific mobile folders. Once you know the process, you can easily replicate it with all the devices which you get. In this article, I have explained the process of rooting, what is there in rooting, and step by step process to root your Xiaomi/Mi phone as well.

Follow the steps carefully and you can root any of the Xiaomi or Mi smartphone that you have.

What is Rooting?

If you have to know this in the technical term then, rooting is you are simply adding a standard Linux function that was removed by the mobile companies. It is the super user’s command which gives you access to the root of your device. That lets you have the permission of anything you want. You can customize any feature on your mobile device that you want. You can make custom features on your phone and control your device as you want.

You can even delete the system apps which usually you can’t. There are multiple ways to root your mobile device. You can do it using the rooting app or using a PC as well. I am going to show you the most ideal method which you can use to root your Xiaomi mobile phone using a PC by unlocking the bootloader. This is also the official method given by Xiaomi/Mi.

What is Magisk? How to Use it to Root Xiaomi phone

Magisk is the new tool for customizing android devices in your own way. It is the mobile application that we are going to use in our method. Magisk is developed by XDA Developer, topjohnwu in the year 2016. It is the best alternative for some super popular apps like kingRoot or Super SU. Magisk is known for the “Systemless Root” method.

Magisk modifies the system without actually modifying and affecting the system. Modifications made by this application are stored safely in the boot partition instead of storing it in the real system files.

It is one of the best methods to root any mobile device.

Proper Way to Root Any MiUi Device?

As I said, there are multiple methods in which you can try to root your android device. Some methods are easy, some of them are risky, and some of them are official as well. In this guide, I am going to show you the official and best method which you can use to root your MiUi device. This is the method given by the Mi brand itself. The method involves unlocking the bootloader in your device, flashing a custom recovery, and then rooting your device. I will be explaining each step in detail so you can understand what exactly is taking place at the time.

You can follow the same process in any Mi mobile device to root using the same method. Just make sure, you are using the proper files based on the mobile model that you are using.


Unlock Xiaomi/Mi Bootloader

To Unlock Xiaomi/Mi mobile bootloader is the very first step that you have to do in order to root your mobile. To root your mobile, you need to flash a custom recovery file that needs permission from the bootloader. Official brands lock this bootloader. The bootloader is locked to tighten the security of the mobile phone.

You will need to unlock the bootloader once. To unlock the bootloader, you are going to need the unlocked code from Xiaomi itself. You will need to go to https://en.miui.com/unlock/ which is the official website MiUI.

Steps are given on the site. You will need to download the app given by them and connect your mobile device to the PC in order to get unlock the bootloader.

Flash Custom Recovery to Root Xiaomi phone

Once you unlock Mi/ Xiaomi boot loader, it gives them permission to flash a custom recovery. You can download the Official TWRP App from Play Store and search for the TWRP file for your phone model. You will get the TWRP file of almost every mobile phone in this application. [You can search and download the TWRP file in your PC directly as later on, you will need to move it to your PC. A simple google search with your mobile model name will work.]

Once you download the TWRP file for your respective mobile model, you will need to download the Minimum ADB Fastboot file as well. 

  • Download and install the Minimal ADB Fastboot file that I have given above.
  • Rename the TWRP file that you have downloaded as TWRP.img
  • Move the TWRP.img file to the Minimal ADB folder which in most cases will be in the Program Files
  • The ideal path of the Minimal ADB Fastboot folder is C:\\Program Files\Minimal ADB Fastboot
  • Launch the Minimal ADB Fastboot in the command line
  • Type the following command in command line “fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img
  • Now type this command, “fastboot boot twrp.img

This will flash the TWRP recovery image on your mobile phone. Your mobile phone will be flashed after a minute or two. As you are done with the permission and custom flash recovery thing,  you will not need to make extra efforts now. You just need to root your mobile device using the app only. It is the last step in our process.

Root Your Xiaomi/Mi Phone

I have already introduced you to the Magisk application. This is the application that is going to help you root your mobile device. Install the Magisk app in your mobile device and follow the steps given in the app itself to root your android phone.

[P.S: You can even use the other alternatives of Magisk as well to root your device such as kingoroot, Super SU, etc.] You can download Magisk App from here

It will take no more than a minute to complete the whole process.

Once rooting is done, your Xiaomi mobile phone will reboot and start again.

It might take a few minutes to start for the first time after rooting your device.

You are done with successfully rooting your Xiaomi/mi mobile phone.


We have given a detailed guide to root any of the Xiaomi/Mi phone. You can follow the same steps in order to root your MiUI mobile phone. You will not face such issues in this method, as this method is the official and it works fine for all the devices to unlock Mi/ Xiaomi bootloader. Just make sure you are using the correct image files based on your respective mobile model to Root MiUi Device. If you have tried this method, do let me know your experience in the comments section.

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