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Pubg mobile lite Emulator bypass Gameloop (Cerberus bypass)


We have all heard about the new popular android game which is pubg mobile lite. This game has taken play store by storm and is the most downloaded game on play store at the time of this article if you have read my previous article on bypassing pubg emulator detection than you will find this article very familiar.

Make sure you use these settings: Pubg mobile lite best settings

The steps are the same pubg mobile hack. If you have already used the previous hack, just install the pubg mobile lite apk and start playing the game.

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The hack is simple enough just make sure you follow the proper steps to hack pubg mobile lite.

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This bypass works with pubg mobile lite version 14.0.

1.  Gameloop emulator bypass pubg mobile lite 14.0 version


Gameloop is the most-optimized emulator for playing Pubg mobile lite on your PC or laptop. And this is the reason we decided to make a special bypass for pubg mobile lite. Do not if the game is updated, there is a chance you might get banned, so make sure you take care of that.

Some requirements for this emulator bypass:

  1. Gameloop
  2. Xposed apk
  3. Cerberus apk (Created by ciceron) : 
  4. Pubg mobile lite apk

You can also use the official method to iinstall apk on the game loop emulator.

Installation of pubg mobile lite on gameloop

Step 1) Install the gameloop emulator. Download pubg mobile lite apk file. You can download it from the official website

Step 2) Go to Gameloop Settings->Advanced and set all the gaming settings you need like resolution and graphics, dpi, etc. These settings will depend on your system, so adjust accordingly.

Step 3) Go the apk files to this path C:\Program Files\txgameassistant\ui or the installation path you have chosen when you installed gameloop. You will find the androidemulator.exe file. You need to create a shortcut of this file on your desktop. Only use this shortcut to start the game.

Step 4) Press F9 on the Gameloop screen. You will see a browser icon. Click and open it. Search for es file explorer and install it.

Step 5) Copy all the downloaded apk files you downloaded as the requirements to the following path C:\Temp\TxGameDownload\MobileGamePCShared\

Step 6) Open es file explorer and go to the /data/share1/  as shown below. It is present in the root directory. The path is as follows: root folder then data then share1.


Install the apk files. And most importantly install the pubg mobile lite apk file.

Step 7) Install the Xposed framework. Open the app go to the framework and click on (Plain Install) method.

Step 8) After Xposed installation is finished, reboot Gameloop emulator.

Step 9) Install the Cerberus app with the apk file.

**CAUTION! Don’t start the game after this step

Step 10) Open Xposed, click on Modules, and click Project Cerberus module from it. Check the emulator bypass module in Xposed as shown.

Step 11) Restart Gameloop emulator. And now do the next steps.

Step 12) Now open the Cerberus app and click on the bypass button. This will install and modify the gameloop files. Wait for a while and now restart the emulator.

Step 13)Open the pubg mobile lite game from the app in gameloop.

Note: The run pubgm button will not work since this hack was originally meant for pubg mobile nad, not pubg mobile lite game.

Congratulations you have successfully bypassed pubg mobile lite emulator detection. This is how you can pubg mobile lite apk.

Note: Your pubg mobile lite account might get banned if you use this bypass hack. Use it at your risk. We are not responsible for your accounts.

This editor can help you hide your device id information and make the pubg mobile lite bypass hack more effective. You can manually edit info by copying your own mobile info.


Some bonus tips:

  • Play like a mobile player.
  • Low kill to death ratio.
  • Don’t abuse the cheat.
  • Make a twitter, google play or a FB account to play pubg mobile lite.
  • Keep a low profile don`t show off with your hack.
  • Don’t stream online.
  • Share the article with your friends.

Commonly asked questions about pubg mobile lite bypass.

Q1. Which is the best emulator to use for pubg mobile lite emulator bypass (Ld player or gameloop)?

Ans: LD player is the best. Gameloop has anti-cheat. Very high chances of your pubg mobile account getting banned. So Ld player, according to me, is safer compared to Gameloop.

Q2. Who made the pubg mobile emulator bypass Cerberus 1.4.5?

Ans: This emulator bypass hack was made by ciceron.

Q3. Is hacking pubg mobile lite legal?

Ans: No, hacking Pubg mobile lite is not legal. Do not complain about banned accounts you have been warned.


Pubg mobile lite bypassing emulator detection guide hope you liked it…!!

Happy hacking…!!!



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