11 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Every Programmer

11 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Software Developers & Programmers

Whether you are a beginner Programmer or a seasoned programmer, you spend most of your time on Google. If you have used Google Chrome Extensions a few years back, you probably are avoiding it now or not even realizing its existence. But in the last few years, there have been many good Google Chrome developer extensions specifically made for Programmers and Software Developers to assists in their work.

We often download multiple tools for various purposes and use up a lot of storage space. So why not use a Google Chrome Extension to do the same job and reduce the work to manage multiple tools. Here we have cumulated a list of the best Chrome extensions that are very helpful for you as a developer and with these built-in developer tools, there seems to be no further need for more tools.

Daily.dev –

If you are a busy developer who cannot keep up with the happenings of the programming and development world, then Daily.dev is probably the best Chrome extension for you. Its creators are also professional web developers and they created it because they were spending too much time searching for the latest dev news.

It comes with a default opening tab that shows you the most awesome dev news with zero efforts. It is an extension that will surely boost your professional growth with content from hundreds of qualified sources for you. Simply open a new tab, and you’re done. Being an open-source extension, Daily.dev is helping a huge community of developers around the world to stay in touch with the latest news.

daily.dev- One of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Daily Updates

Wappalyzer –

Developed by Elbert Alias in 2009, Wappalyzer is a Chrome extension that allows the developer to identify the different technologies that constitute the back end of a website.

Wappalyzer identifies the web technologies used on a website detecting web servers, frameworks, installed analytics tools, libraries, CMS, plugins, databases, widgets, and many more.

It is an open-source extension and it uncovers more than a thousand technologies which make it a true lifeline for developers and designers in the quest of making appealing websites.


sitemode.io –

This is certainly one of the best Chrome extensions out there for web developers since it allows them to modify, save, and share any website and that too in real-time.

Sitemod.io extension allows developers to modify a website without having access to the source code and also to create a shareable link to the modified website.

It is a great tool if you are a Web designer and have ideas for a prospective customer’s website.

It uses Chrome Developer Tools to edit a Web page’s HTML, CSS, or JS code, and make it possible to add your code to the web page. Sitemod.io is a must-have extension in your developer toolkit.

sitemode.io- One of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Developing Web Skills

Devo –

Devo is a new tab extension that shows GitHub Trending topics, Product Hunts, Hacker News, and many different platforms’ front pages on every new tab, with no-login required.

Users have the freedom of changing the placement of the cards, display whatever platform they would like to in different orders. It is a great tool for developers who need to stay updated with the latest changes in various tech-related fields.

Devo uses specially-built web crawlers for each of the platforms and styles the data in the way of the original platform. It is an open-source extension.

Devo- One of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Guthub Trending

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Marmoset –

User appeal is very important for developer projects and many times developers might encounter the need to create snapshots for their codes in their projects for aesthetics or other representation purposes.

Using Marmoset, it is possible to create beautiful code snapshots, in just seconds, that are useful for either creating graphical representations of your work for use on social media or in your portfolio website or somewhere else. It is a must-have tool for web developers and designers.

Marmoset- One of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Effective Snapshots
Marmoset- Best Google Chrome Extensions for Software Developers

JSON Viewer –

If you are currently working or have previously worked with anything involving a ton of JSON code like API’s (especially RestFul APIs), then you might be totally aware of the fact that how clumsy and unreadable the JSON code is generally.

JSON Viewer is a visually stunning JSON highlighter and beautifier tool that serves a great purpose as a Chrome extension for developers.

It helps in arranging the JSON data in a visually appealing tree format which can be viewed directly in the browser window. It is an open-source extension for inspecting JSON data.

JSON Viewer

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SAML Tracer –

As a web developer, one has to handle large amounts of data that circulates through the entire project and between various others.

Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) which is an open standard allowing the exchange of authorization credentials between a service provider and an identity provider comes into action here.

Thus, a developer often has the need to trace the SAML traffic. With the help of the SAML Tracer Chrome extension, developers can easily trace and highlight SAML traffic.

It traces the details of SAML Request and Response and can also trace the details of HTTP requests or browser traffic including requests like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, login and logout responses, etc.

SAML Tracer

actiTime –

Any developer around the globe knows that time is a very important factor for the success of their projects and keeping a track of their development time is essential for the project’s progress and growth.

actiTime extension makes time tracking easier and allows you to track your hours directly from Chrome with a timer.

It is a great tool for developers to keep a track of their work hours and is used by companies and freelancers to analyze their performance and manage their project’s progress and profitability.


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Ghostery –

Ghostery is a powerful privacy protection extension for Chrome developers. It not only blocks ads but also detects and stops trackers, pixels, or any other embedded snippet ultimately speeding up websites.

Ghostery eliminates annoying advertisements from a website and provides tracking protection to protect your data by blocking 3rd party websites from tracking you. It is free of cost and requires no sign-up or registration to get started.


Full-Stack Developer Tools –

In the past few years, the demand for full-stack developers has risen exponentially in the market and so has the demand for full-stack development tools.

There are a large number of tools for full-stack development but it is very tedious work to fetch them from different locations. Full-Stack Assistant – Developer Tools has made this task easier for developers by bringing the most used tools for full-stack development under a single chrome extension.

It consists of useful Development Tools and resources in one organized place.

Full Stack Developer Tools

ApiRequest.io –

While debugging single page application through inspection of API network traffic, it is very important to assess the various API requests and their responses.

ApiRequest.io allows developers to capture these API Requests and Responses in the browser. It helps users to capture AJAX HTTP requests and responses that are made to an API from any website (such as from a React single-page app).

The REST API traffic is available in a workspace that is saved for 30-days and can be shared via a Google Doc link.


Thus, these are the best Google Chrome Extensions for Software Developers out there. With the proper Chrome extensions, one can not only improve their development skills but also grow and be more profitable.

Have more of such extensions? Comment down below and let us help each other grow.

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