21 Super Fun and Cool Python Projects for Beginners


In the decade of Technological advancements where AI, ML, and Data Science are the dominant technologies, it will not be exaggerating to say that it depends on the Python programming language in some of the other ways. So becoming a master in Python can open up lots of doors in your career as well as land in some of the ideal opportunities across the spectrum of domains. Since you are here, I am assuming you as a Python Beginner or just a person looking at beginner python projects or just some fun python projects.

Regardless of whatever amazing skills you possess in Python Programming, building the project using any programming language would definitely boost up the skill level as well as confidence.

Why You Should Learn Python

Efficiency in several coding languages has actually come to be preferable in recent years, as program knowledge can result in higher growth rates and successful careers. The need for Python developers has been growing gradually, specifically as Python is the third most preferred programming language worldwide.

What’s more, leading business like Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, Instacart, and also Reddit (simply to name a couple) count on Python. Basically, including Python in your list of amazing skills will certainly make you a much more eye-catching candidate to possible companies.

There are many ways to learn the python programming language for beginners. Some learn python with books, Articles, or via online courses. So now you are good in Python Programming, which is some of the good projects that you can develop, and how to know your project idea is good?

For Starters,

Select a Topic That Interests You

Don’t just start with any random topic or get an idea from some big-budget movie. Google the topics related to your interests and appear fascinating. Not just will you appreciate it extra if it interests you, however fueling that inquisitiveness will certainly maintain you inspired to see the project.

Selecting fun Python jobs for beginners may make the difference between simply starting and ending up a task. What I will recommend is select the thing you do every day and try that in Python. For Example, I write articles and often need to confirm that my content is plagiarised free, so I have made a small (not anymore) plagiarism detector project that gives me a basic percent of how much of my content is similar to the one on the web already.

Think regarding exactly how well the task will fit into your day to day life. If your career goal is to develop apps, create an easy web app project.

Alternatively, if your career interest is in data science, invest your valuable time in the project that will allow you to analyze a data set. Altogether, there are a lot of trendy Python project suggestions. They can be fun and also assist you to move forward with tons of experience and a lot of fun.

Start Small and Then Go Big

Simply put, do not choose a project that requires a specialist skill level. Unless you really delight in the stress, selecting one that is also challenging beforehand will only stress you out. It’s okay to dream of a huge goal, however, recognize that each step of that objective requires to be separated into smaller sized steps.

So let us begin our list of fun python projects for beginners-

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

The first python project in our beginner python projects list is a Game. One of the most beloved video games of all-time and an easy Python project to check your abilities and basic understanding. Start by making it user vs computer. You can create a basic command-line interface code at the beginning and then convert it to Graphical format. You can learn a lot from this project, not only that but once you do, try adding AI elements to it.

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Code a Twitter Bot

Everyone has a Twitter account and it is one of the most engaging platforms that you can be on. What you can do is make a simple bot that does some operations on Twitter. When I did this project, I made a bot that retweets anything with #programming. You could similar and then see what new ideas you can come up with. If you want to use the API, you’ll require to join as a Twitter developer to do it, however, do not stress, it’s not as challenging as you would certainly believe.

beginner python projects- Twitter Bot
Beginner Python Projects- Twitter Bot

Guess The Number

One of the most simple yet “can get complicate” kinds of projects is guess the number. This might be a fun Python project for teams or events where an automatic random generator is needed. It is mainly used for performing lottos, parlor games, or simply in between gamers to presume an imaginary number. So if you are making this project, what you can do is let the computer select a random number and you try to guess this number, if it’s right, you win else guess again.

MadLibs Generator

Do you remember the “fill in blanks” game we used to play as kids and used to get a stomach ache from laughing at silly sentences? Well, with a Mad Libs generator, you can experience those hilarious moments. You can modify this game as you want since many versions of this game exist and I am not sure which one you enjoyed most. For me, it was when we used to select the blanks first without reading sentences and then fill the blanks with selected words, still hilarious.

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Just like a Number guessing game, you will be guessing the letters of the word. So the base idea is that the code will give you a word with missing letters and you have to guess the letter. Also, there is a guy hanging by a rope on the neck that dies if you don’t guess the letters correctly in the word. This is a fun game if you want to teach kids spellings or forming sentences. Hangman is one of the most fun python projects for beginners.

beginner python projects- hangman
Beginner Python Projects- Hangman

Password Generator

With tons of applications, we use in our daily life, we have to remember the gruesome passwords with numbers, special characters, and whatnot. More tiresome is to come up with a password that you haven’t used anywhere else. Like I said before, try to do the projects to solve your daily problems. So this project will give you a nice and secure password to use. You can also modify it to store the generated password as a backup.

Dice Roller

Comparable to the “Guess the Number” game, building a die roller can be used to play games. Or you can make one comparable to a Magic 8-Ball to address your most extensive concerns! This can be used in various games as per your choice. You can also modify this into a roll the bottle game with some added graphics.

Text-Based Adventure

The next python project in our beginner python projects list is a Text-based adventure Game. This Python project is an easy mission game where the player can walk in various spaces as well as get information about the characters he/ she meets. You’ll set restrictions on exactly how many personalities stroll, they’re instructions, as well as just how to track their places. If you get enough of this text-based game, use the PyGame module to enhance and get more of it.

Secret Cipher

This is just like the murder mystery movies where the detective gets the ciphers from the killer who enjoys being hunted and you decipher the clue to get close to find who is it. This python project may get a little complicated if you do not plan the basic things.

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Alarm Clock

Creating an alarm clock is a very practical way to show your programming abilities. It allows you to make something that gives you a certain alert at an assigned time. Make your alarm clock much more progressed by having it play songs or a video at the time.


Let’s end the small projects and head to little bigger ones. It’s time to take an additional step in python development. Tic-Tac-Toe might be a straightforward game to play, yet it isn’t as very easy to program. The Pygame collection is valuable for this kind of project since it will make your development much faster and it looks good to see the output in graphical form. It includes the components needed for sound and graphics.

Wikipedia Article Generator

The next python project in our beginner python projects lists a little advance but more fun project. In terms of what it does, this is a rather easy program. Nonetheless, it can get instead complicated. The main purpose of the program is to discover any random post on Wikipedia based on users’ provided key phrases. Next, the program asks the customer if they wish to see the short article. If the individual says of course, after that the program displays it. My recommendation is to use Chrome driver and selenium for this project, which will allow you to learn a little more about web development and its components.

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Create an MP3 Player

It’s time to ditch the CDs and also start working with your very own MP3 Player. This Python project involves creating a device that will play your favorite songs, that too without annoying ads in the middle. The point is to produce an interface that emulates the physical music player. Once completed, you’ll have an MP3 Player that can interact with your computer or laptop.

Quiz Application

Since this year many of us are attending online classes and sometimes Quizzes too, lets make a quiz application. The quiz application will have a collection of questions for users as well as give them a chance to respond with the correct answers as soon as the answer is submitted. Next off, create a test where users only get the outcomes after the test is done.

Typing Test

With being on a computer or laptop for 8-10 hours a day, having a nice typing speed is also a great skill to have. This project will deal with increasing your typing speed and efficiency with a timer. All you have to do is to give the user a paragraph to write and record the time he/ she takes and assess it. This project will teach you multiple applications of timers and their efficient usage.

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Currency Converter

The real-world application python project in our beginner python projects list is a currency converter. The name fairly explains the role of the job is to convert money from one system into another. Tkinter, the conventional Python interface can be utilized to develop this application. Firstly you can put the static conversion rates and once that is done, try to fetch the real-time conversion rate from the internet. You might need to use the third party API and the earlier you learn the usage and limitations of APIs, the better.

Content Aggregator

Surfing through different sites as well as short articles in search of authentic and also good material is a lengthy and pretty much tiring process. This Python project can help you conserve time looking for web content. A content aggregator searches popular internet sites in the search for really good quality content based on your defined parameters of good quality and fetches you all that. This is actually a product that has evolved much and on a whole new level as a WordPress plugin.

Plagiarism Checker

With web content creation and blogging among the good services in the market every person wishes to attempt their hands on this yet some lack enough funds to give their articles cost-free plagiarism check as mostly plagiarism checkers do not come absolutely free. Developing a Python plagiarism checker can be constructed below using an all-natural language handling library together with the search API to browse the first couple of web pages of Google and discover plagiarism if any. If you want to see a live example of this, just google the Plagiarism checker and you will find many websites that do very well in checking plagiarism.

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Web Crawler

A spider robot is constructed making use of Python’s dScrapy, a Python’s open-source web crawling structure explicitly developed for web scraping as well as fetching data by utilizing APIs. For example, I used this web crawler project to create an offline directory of articles related to the content I like. You can use it in any different way as per your imagination.

Instagram Photo Downloader

This is one of the best projects I have made basically for my meme Account on Instagram. So what my bot does is it searches the tons of profiles and download the photo or video uploaded on the Instagram meme pages that have got a certain number of likes and comments within a few time period. This although has the potential to get more evolve into some completely other and more efficient product, again depending on your imagination.

Facebook Birthday Wishing Bot

Well, the name says it all. You can write a simple python script to wish your friends on their birthday on Facebook. You can either use the API or Selenium-Chrome driver to do the task.


This brings us to the end of the fun-filled Python project suggestions. I hope you too discovered it exciting to read as much as I did writing it. Would you like to suggest some of your cool yet simple python projects for beginners? Please let me know in the comments section below.


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