11 Best Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners in 2020

11 Best Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners in 2020

Application security has actually always been a sensitive topic that has only gotten hotter with time. Despite a crowd of protective tools and also techniques at our disposal (firewalls, SSL, asymmetric cryptography, etc.), no web-based application can declare that it’s secure beyond the reach of cyberpunks (see I pulled a little sneaky on y’all).

Why is that?

The straightforward reason is that building software continues to be a weakness as well as really intricate process. There still bugs (identified as well as unidentified) inside the foundation developers utilize, and also brand-new ones are being developed with the launch of new software as well as collections. Also, the top-tier technology firms await periodic humiliation with a big smile.

Considered that bugs, as well as vulnerabilities, will probably never ever leave the software world, where does it leave business depending on this software for their survival? How can, for instance, a new wallet app, make certain that it’ll withstand the unpleasant shots of hackers?

Yes, you’ve presumed it by now: by hiring cyberpunks (or say hackers) to take a fracture and come on this freshly-minted application! And also why would they? Just because there’s a huge bounty available– the bug bounty!

If the words “bounty” revives memories of the Wild West and also bullets being discharged without abandon, that’s precisely what the concept below is. You in some way get one of the most elite and well-informed hackers (security specialists) to sound out your application, and also if they discover something, they get awarded.

With that being said, let’s check a few of the preferred bug bounty platforms out there.

HackerOne- Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners

HackerOne is a SaaS platform that makes it possible for security researchers to locate and report security openings to companies prior to them can get exploited. More than 400 organizations, consisting of Adobe, Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, Square, and Airbnb, trust HackerOne to enable their susceptibility disclosure procedure. HackerOne is one of the most trusted names for Security.

Hackerone- Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners


The leader and trendsetter in crowdsourced security testing for the venture, Bugcrowd incorporates the power of even more than 65,000 security researchers as well as its exclusive Crowd control platform to surface crucial software vulnerabilities, and also degree the cybersecurity having fun area. Bugcrowd gives an array of public, personal, and also on-demand choices that allow businesses to commission a tailored security testing program to fit their specific requirements.


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Synack- Best Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners

Synack seems to be among those market exemptions that break the mold as well as wind up doing something large. Their security program Hack the Pentagon was the significant highlight, resulting in the exploration of a number of crucial vulnerabilities. If you’re looking for not simply bug exploration however also security assistance and bug bounty training at the leading degree, Synack is the means to go.

Synack- Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners


Intigriti is a detailed bug bounty platform that connects you with white hat hackers, whether you want to run an exclusive program or a public one. For hackers, there’s plenty of bounties to get hold of. Depending upon the business’s size and market, bug hunts ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 are offered.

Intigriti- Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners


Praetorian is an information security consulting firm that provides risk assessment, penetration testing, protected software development, computer system forensics, as well as security education services. Praetorian’s knowledge as well as client base spans all significant verticals. They frequently offer expertise to Fortune 500 firms throughout the financial, innovation, medical care, gas, insurance coverage & oil, as well as manufacturing industries.



Topcoder is the world’s largest crowdsourcing firm linking international talent in layout, software development, data science, and also QA with clients. Topcoder always looks to do points “group initial” and is thrilled to work with the security neighborhood at HackerOne to find vulnerabilities in order to maintain our companies and also customers safe.


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YesWeHack- Global Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners

Acting as a knowing laboratory, YesWeHack sets in motion the power of its global neighborhood to make security dexterous as well as speed up the electronic transformation of its clients. Introduced in 2013, YesWeHack has come to be the European leader in Bug Bounty, with offices in France, Switzerland, and Singapore. YesWeHack creators have actually always supported the recognition of cybersecurity scientists and also their crucial contribution to the Internet worldwide security.



If you’re a venture and also do not feel comfortable making your bug bounty program public– as well as at the same time require even more focus than can be provided by a typical bug bounty platform– SafeHats is your best bet. Devoted security advisor, extensive hacker profiles, invite-only participation– it’s all given depending on your demands and also maturity of your security version.



Yogosha is a crowdsourced cybersecurity platform enabling a win-win collaboration with the most gifted hackers to detect and fix vulnerabilities on your most critical systems. Choose your security strategy among Bug Bounty, crowdsourced Pentest, or CVD, and connect with your chosen cyberpunks.


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HackenProof- Crowdsource Bug Bounty Platform for Beginners

The HackenProof platform connects its customers with the worldwide cyberpunk neighborhood to discover security concerns in their items. By running custom-tailored bug bounty programs, HackenProof assists their clients in dramatically minimize the danger of shedding their information to cybercriminals.


HackenProof is a part of Hacken Ecosystem, with items sustaining the cybersecurity market from all sides: bug bounty platform, crypto exchange analytical ranking platform, cybersecurity seminar HackIT, and a Cyber School. HackenProof is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia with an R&D workplace in Kiev, Ukraine.


The Bugbounty.sa is a crowdsourced security platform where cybersecurity scientists and also ventures can connect to determine and also deal with vulnerabilities in an affordable way while booking the civil liberties of both parties. The platform is handled to support cooperation between experienced cybersecurity scientists and companies, along with taking care of the transactional processes in a protected relied on the trusted environment.


Bonus Platform: Cobalt Bug Bounty

Cobalt’s crowdsourced application security service transforms today’s damaged pen-testing model right into an information-driven engine sustained by their worldwide talent swimming pool of trusted pen testers. Their SaaS platform delivers actionable results that equip agile groups to identify, track, and also remediate software vulnerabilities.


Just as you steer clear of from healers that proclaim “wonder treatments,” please stay away from any type of internet site or service that says bulletproof security is possible. All we can do is relocate one step more detailed in the direction of the suitable. Bug bounty programs should not be expected to produce zero-bug applications yet ought to be seen as an important method in weeding out the really nasty ones.

I hope you Slash and hash many bugs swiftly 🙂


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