Getting millions of followers for free is the dream of every Instagram user. The money and fame that come with millions of followers are truly something people always look out for. So with that in mind, we decided to make to find an Instagram hack for increasing followers and we managed to do it.

Why Use Instagram?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with more than 1 billion active users per month, more than 500 million users interact with Instagram’s posts daily, and billions of stories are uploaded every single day. If you have an Instagram account and are daily posting valuable/ viral content, it is likely possible to get thousands of followers overnight.

What is the Use of Huge Instagram Following?

Since the year 2017, a lot of big brands are turning towards Instagram for their product promotion since it is comparatively cheaper to promote the product using Influencers than marketing companies. Also, they can have multiple influencers/ people with huge followers to promote their brand or product with the product promotion reachability tens of times.

The brand promotion offers usually start from 50k followers to the influencers as per our survey and research. The larger the Instagram following you have, the better the products for promotion, and the more money you can get. One of the Instagram Influencer on Reddit told that she earns more than $1000 just by promoting brands per month. Although, it fairly depends upon the location and the brand that offers the promotional offer.

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Best Niches for High Promotion Offers-

Now, there are a lot of Instagram pages with a variety of content managed by different people. According to our research, the best niches to get the promotional offers are Beauty Products, Fitness Products like Protein Shakes to Dumbbells and, Online Training/ Technology.

There are other niches as well that receive the promotions but the above-mentioned niches are one of the tops.

free instagram followers and Free Instagram likes

Best Niches for Huge Instagram Following- 

The niches that have been on the top and are consistently having a high number of followers are of Memes, TV shows & Movies and, Celebrity Fanclubs. If you want to have thousands of followers to your Instagram account, you can start any of the above niche Instagram pages and get followers in a short period of time.

Now, if you are doing everything you can and still are not able to get followers, you should use Inshackle. The Inshackle is a bash script that will help you get Instagram followers fast and that too automatic.

free instagram followers

Here is Inshackle the perfect tool to help increase Instagram followers for free:

How to increase Instagram Followers with Inshackle

Inshackle is a free Instagram bot script that helps you gain followers and many more cool features. Its a free open source script is available on GitHub that anyone can download and use to get free followers on Instagram. Here are all the things you can do with Inshackle:

Features of Inshackle:

  • Unfollow Tracker
  • Increase Followers
  • Download: Stories, Saved Content, Following/followers list, Profile Info
  • Unfollow all your following

Step 1: Download and Clone Inshackle on Kali Linux with the following command

git clone

Step 2: Open Tool Folder with the following command:

cd inshackle-bot

Step 3: Run the tool with the following command:


Now press the corresponding option by reading onscreen instructions as shown in the image below:

InShackle- free instagram followers
InShackle- Instagram promotion

So, using Inshackle, you can get millions of followers easily and without any manual work so you can completely focus on your content that will also help you get Instagram followers easily.

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