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How to get Free Cloud Computing Certification Courses on Skill Share


We live in a world today where computing and data have become a vital part of our daily lifestyle. We are constantly surrounded by devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. that compute and store the bulk of data. But what if there was a way to store and perform all the computations on data over the Internet? Well, there is a way to do this and it is known as “Cloud Computing”. In layman terms, cloud computing is the process of delivering computing services such as databases, storage, servers, software, networking, and even intelligence through the medium of the Internet which is called the “cloud”. This results in faster data recovery and upload speeds, the flexibility of resources, and economic benefits since you pay only for those services that you are using. Now you must be thinking about the cost of learning and certification, worry not, you can get Free Cloud Computing Certification in skillshare free classes.

Advantages of cloud computing –

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing and largely in-demand field of computer science. This is because it has a number of benefits to offer some of which have been listed below:

  • With the use of cloud services, the users no longer need to spend money on buying hardware and software and setting those up. Cloud computing eliminates this capital expense and also removes the hassles of managing a data center and hiring people. In total, cloud computing is very “cost-effective”.
  • Since the data stored on cloud servers is not on your actual hardware equipment, there is no fear of loss of data through any situation such as a natural calamity or a virus attack. The data is stored in servers far away and this provides “data loss prevention”.
  • Most of the cloud services providers offer a wide set of policies and control to strengthen the data security and to aid in protecting your data and infrastructure from potential threats. This makes cloud data “highly secure”.
  • The most important aspect of cloud computing is “speed”. The data is stored on super-fast remote servers and data can be stored and retrieved as per demand which makes cloud computing a faster process than normal computing.
  • Major companies in the cloud industry –

The cloud computing scenario as we see now was popularized by Amazon Inc. by launching Amazon Web Services in 2006. Since then the whole industry has changed a lot and three major companies have emerged as leaders in cloud technology. These companies are listed below:

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Amazon Web Services is a branch of Amazon that offers on-demand cloud computing services and APIs to organizations, governments, or individuals. These services are provided on a metered basis of pay as you go. It is a comprehensive and reliable platform. It is the world’s most used cloud service platform and offers more than 175 fully-featured services.

AWS- Free Cloud Computing Certification courses

Microsoft Azure: Free Cloud Computing Certification courses

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft that provides all kinds of cloud services for building, testing, and deploying applications. It is highly compatible with open source technologies and aims at helping businesses in managing channels to meet their organizational needs. It also works on a pay as you go basis, monthly charging the customers for the services they have utilized. Azure is the second most used cloud service platform after AWS.

Google Cloud:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) refers to the collection of cloud computing services that are offered by Google. It provides a variety of services like networking, storage, Big data, etc. GCP stands apart from other cloud platforms due to its innovative services and tools. All the cloud services run from the same infrastructure which is used for other end-users of Google like Google Search and YouTube. At present, Google Cloud is the third most popular and utilized cloud service provider all around the world.

How to learn cloud computing skills –

Cloud computing is a very vast subject and has a number of specialized branches. However, it is up to an individual to learn the entire subject or the basic concepts. In any case, online learning is the best option and Skillshare.com is an online learning website that provides a variety of certification courses on different branches of cloud computing.

How to get Skillshare courses for cloud computing for free –

Skillshare basically provides two options for learning, first is the basic account through which you can access all the free courses and the second is the premium account plan that has all the paid courses which are not available in the basic plan. Although a premium plan requires some fees, there are some ways to get it for free and then take the certification courses on cloud computing for free:

  • The first method is to use the trial offer by Skillshare. All the new users of Skillshare are granted two months of free premium subscription during which you have access to all the premium courses. So, to get free certification courses on cloud computing, just enroll as a new user on Skillshare, get the two-month trial, and select the cloud course that you want to take.
  • Another way is to apply for a Skillshare scholarship. Skillshare provides various kinds of scholarships to students and users needing financial assistance. To apply as a student, you should have a valid “.edu” email id of your university. You can directly apply for a financial aid scholarship that results in a one-year free subscription.
  • You can increase your free membership duration by getting referrals from friends. Each successful friend referral results in one extra month of free subscription to the premium courses on Skillshare thus getting skillshare free classes.

    Get skillshare free classes by Sharing with your Friends

  • Lastly, you can search for the courses on cloud computing that come under the basic membership and are totally free of cost.

    Skillshare free classes in Basic Subscription

Thus, whether you want to work in the field of cloud or want to make your business more efficient by moving towards cloud networks or you simply want to manage and keep your data on a cloud server, learning concepts of the cloud are very fruitful since the future is “cloud”. So, get up and get going on your first course (free course to be more precise) or just another course on cloud offered by Skillshare.

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