Top 7 Emotional Intelligence Companion Apps for Android & iOS


Feeling low or demotivated is one of the most common yet undiscussed topics among adults and sometimes teens. There is nothing wrong but still, the topic is either avoided or ignored. So today we have decided to help out our fellow readers with these 7 emotional Intelligence companion apps to assist you anytime. You may have trouble talking to people, friends, or even your family and that does no justice to your feelings. Sometimes the sensitivity of the topic results in this situation or sometimes a person. 

Also, the fact is you can speak up about everything with strangers without the fear of being judged. So we have brought you the top best apps to lighten your mood and lift you up to be the best version of yourself. Here are the applications which may make you feel light and bring the smile back. 


Meetup is one of the most used and secured applications that assist you to make new friends and meet amazing people around the world. Meetup is also a service that organizes in-person meeting events for people that have similar interests or goals. The apps work like a directory for listings of events and local groups. If you want to join or meet new communities or groups of sports, art, philosophy, etc. Meet up will make a way for you. Meetup is one of the best apps to find the local community nearby you.



Tlaklife is the peer to peer online support network for people who are lonely, feel outside, depression, or people who want to share their life’s ups and downs. The talklife is a big community full of like-minded people who want to help each other. The Talklife application makes an instant connection with strangers so that you can completely open up and share your moments with them without any feeling of being judged. It makes connections with people who are ready to listen to you, support you, and give suggestions and advice to you through Talklife. This community has helped a number of people and now those people help other people. It works as a chain of healing improving the quality of everyone connected to them. Talklife has proven to be one of the most useful companion apps.



Huggle is unique in its way. Huggle shows up as different from other apps because it is away from dating apps. This application is for making new friends which is really helpful for people that need a friend or in a few cases anyone to talk their heart out. The Huggle Application is unique because the app makes matching based on your preferred location, the location which you love the most. For instance, if you going to a particular coffee shop or mall then it will connect you with those who love the same. It purely based on common interest, like-minded people come together to share and explore themselves and have a quality conversation. 



Earlier if people feel lonely they used to write up a diary and keep with them as a secret diary. Today technology has invented artificial intelligence (AI) or say companion apps. Youper is an AI-based app that tracks your mood and keeps a record of it to arrange yourself mentally. This AI understands your emotions. AI like Siri and Alexa, Youper does the same but it works for emotion. When you share something with it then it talks back with you. You can also follow up a diary in it. Youper is a new generation AI diary but it too helpful for lonely people. One who doesn’t want to show up themselves to someone or insecure, shy to speak with strangers can choose Youper.



If you want to meet no one or not want to even new people but also want to get out of loneliness then Happify is perfect for you. Do you love playing games? You want no people to share anything? You are lonely though? Welcome to Happify. Happify has games built by scientists which will keep you or distract your mind from the negativity you are being received from. How cool it is games that will help you to open up and move on you from your negativity. A unique app best for introverts too. It is helpful and also won’t be pouring any stress while playing. The stress to win a match. Happify is for you.



Hey! Vina is a female-only application. If you are female and only being interested in making female friends then Hey! Vina. It is for you only. It is again like Huggle away from dating apps. It is purely for making female friends. You can form a group and meet up. It works similar to Tinder, you have to swipe and can fix arrangements to meet them. Again Hey!Vina objective is to bring new adventure and experience. Obviously, adventure brings curiosity and distracts you from negativity. Hey!Vina is perfect for females who can find everything in one and can happily make new friends hang out with and stay away from negativity. 



If a person has an inability to speak then Predictable is for you. Predictable is again made up of AI where you can express yourself through using an AI keyboard and auto-complete sentence and is one of the best companion apps. Predictable has an option for clapping and laughter. Thanks to predictable for thinking about you and making such a unique app which are especially for special ones. You are also among others, complete normal who goes through anxiety, depression, loneliness, and many more. Choose Predictable for your comforts. AI will help you to get out of loneliness and make you a happy and better world.


The application we provided above can be used as a temporary solution but remember, talking to your friends and family always works out. You don’t have to feel shy or insecure about being judge by other people. You should get out of it to walk in a new and better world of happiness as this is also a part of life that is discussed less often and faced many times. You can choose any application from the list according to your preference and choice of comfort. We hope you to see better tomorrow with a smiley face back on track. Also, Always remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day but years of consistency and goodwill.

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