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8 Super Cool Project Ideas to Build an Effective Profile on LinkedIn


Building a Portfolio has never been an easy task or not even mandatory for everyone. It was considered as an extra step to present your skills and talent. Like others, this year’s alumina is experiencing a different way of Job Application then the traditional one. This global pandemic has proven again that LinkedIn would be one of the best sources of a job posting as well as for hunting. With thousands of Applications for each Job Posting, the chances of the recruiter viewing your Application or Profile are slim. There are multiple best-practice for the LinkedIn profile you can opt to increase your chances like LinkedIn Profile Optimization, building Projects, and presenting on LinkedIn, and more.

In many cases, the automation process is used to filter the Resumes of the candidates as filtering a few resumes from thousands is not manually feasible. One of the most frequently used technique is Keyword filtering. In this technique, the applications are filtered based upon the keywords used with respect to the job requirement. Now you may be wondering, How you can leverage this to get yourself noticed? Simple, by Building an Effective LinkedIn Profile.

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Effective LinkedIn Profile

What is Effective LinkedIn Profile

There are multiple ways to strengthen your LinkedIn profile, one of which is “Project Achievements”. The projects referenced in your LinkedIn profile are not necessary to be complex or in the most efficient way but they should be your own. The main purpose of building projects is to learn and present your Learning. Be mindful that you are not expected to build an advanced project but as Simple as a Scientific Calculator with a nice Interface would fit in just fine.

Why Effective/ Updated LinkedIn Profile is Required?

The process of Job Application is Simple, your search for a job with Specific Keywords and if you found one, you apply. Now the backstage process begins. The Job Applications are filtered as per the requirements and few profiles are selected. Usually, the recruiter will take a look at your professional LinkedIn presence. So it has to be updated for First Good Impression.

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What Projects Should you Implement and Does Programming Language Matter?

Now here comes the tricky Question. If you Google, you will find many project ideas and even implemented solutions. So the best way to select a topic is based on your Interest and the domain in which you are planning your professional journey and the certifications in a related field would be a bonus. For example, if you are interested in AI and Computer Vision, you can implement the Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition System. The certifications in the AI and Computer Vision related field will also add weightage to your solution.

For the Programming Language, you can select the one you are comfortable with. A single project can be implemented in multiple Programming Languages and may have certain constraints depending upon the language and constraints. If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then Python or R programming language is the most appropriate choice given its extensive usage and demand in the field.

Now you know What is Effective LinkedIn profile and how to build an Effective LinkedIn Profile, let us begin with some cool project ideas that you can Implement and present on LinkedIn. You can choose any Programming Language as per your choice.

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Advance Scientific Calculator-

If you have learned Programming in School/ College with C or C++, there is a high chance you have to build a Simple Calculator without a GUI. An Advance Scientific Calculator is similar to additional advance mathematical functions. You can implement functions like Calculations of Complex Numbers, Integral Calculus, Differential Calculus, Equations, Graphs, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Percentages, Standard Functions, Statistics, Trigonometry, Unit Conversions, and More. If you could also add a Simple Graphical User Interface like below, it would be a Good Project. If you have just started with projects to build an effective LinkedIn profile, the Advanced Scientific Calculator would be a good start.

Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile- Advanced Scientific Calculator

Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile Project- Currency Converter

Currency Converter is one of the most basic yet effective Projects that can be implemented in multiple programming languages. For beginners, you can hardcode the current currency conversion rates and use it throughout your project. If you have implemented the hardcoding of the currency conversion rates, you can upgrade your project by using public APIs to get up-to-date rates. This may complicate your project a little but you will gain a good amount of Knowledge of What APIs are and How they work.

Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile- Currency Calculator

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Web Scrapper-

If you are interested in Data Analysis, or any Data related field, the Web Scrapper would prove a valuable project in your learning and progress. Web Scrapper or Web Harvesting is a process for extracting the data from websites and analyzing it. The Python Programming Language is mostly used for the Web Scrapping while Python and R Programming Languages are used for Data Analysis. By using Web Scrapper, you can scrape the website and export the data in CSV format using HyperText Transfer Protocol or directly from your browser.

Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile- Web Scrapper

Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile- Break Reminder

As we know, working for long hours continuously can be stressful, physically, and mentally. So the basic application that reminds you to take a break after a specific amount of time is a good idea. The idea of the Break Reminder Project may look very simple but its effects are significant since we all have experienced eye strain, fatigue, and many other side effects of continuous working. A simple way to start working on this idea is to run the program in the backend and display a pop-up box every few minutes to remind the user to take a break.

Break Reminder- Simple Project Idea for LinkedIn

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The Hangman Game-

Everyone loves games or at least consider it as a stress buster. Hangman is a simple word game where the player is provided with a word with blanks and has to guess the missing letters to win. This small project will boost your programming skills and understanding of logic. The words can be chosen randomly and there are already several packages for words that you can import directly.

Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile- The Hangman Game

Simple bot for Automation-

This is one completely dynamic and you can choose any application to create a bot for. For Example, you can create a bot for checking your Gmail Inbox every 5 minutes and alert you for every important/ priority mail. This way you don’t have to check your email manually. If you want to advance the level, make an Android application, and convert the alert form to either ring or vibration or any alert form.

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Strong Password Generator-

We all know what a strong password is and why it is required to have a strong password. When you have multiple applications, it is sometimes difficult to create a strong password and remember it and it is also not wise to use the same password for multiple applications. You can make a small project to Generate a Strong Password with filters like at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one special character, and so on. You could also advance the level of your project by creating a Password Manager that stores all your passwords on a local machine.

Strong Password Generator Project


This is an advance but really cool project. To create a Chess program, you should have strong basics of programming and good logic understanding skills. Just for your information, after the first moves by both players in Chess, there are almost 400 chessboard possible setups. After the second pair of moves, there are almost 197,742 possible game setups and after the third pair of moves, 121 million board setups exist. The numbers may look a little frightening but your program must be able to decide the motion on the run and may require multiple updates and code enhancements. If you decide to go with this project, you should focus on logic first and GUI after that.

Chess- Advanced Project Idea for LinkedIn

These were some of the simple yet effective project ideas that you can implement and present on your LinkedIn profile. You can also implement similar project ideas in multiple programming languages to present your skill and fluency.

Do you have any simple and effective project ideas for beginners and advance level developer, let us know in the comment section below.

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