Android Vs. iOS 2019 Operating System, this is undoubtedly one of the most debatable topics for the Millenials. This is a far most searched topic for every person when it comes to buying a new device for themselves or their loved ones. We have studied Android vs. iOS pros and cons thoroughly so as to guide you.

As of May 2019, the market share for phone operating system is ruled by Android Operating System with just over 75% while iOS on 23% and rest all goes of Nokia and other Operating Systems with the negligible market share. In this world, there are Android fans, and iOS fans, and people don’t intend to cross over to the other side, especially the iOS fans. We all have known a person who would never give up an iPhone and say OnePlus is better and vice versa. The Android users do state that the iPhones are overpriced and more of an accessory than the necessity (That might hold true for most people).

But Which Operating System is really the Better?

Today, In this article, we will find out the answer, i.e. Android vs. iOS pros and cons and get you clear once and for all so you can make a decision without any hesitation. We will not just see the Operating System Comparisons but also the device comparison, which would clear most of the doubts in your mind.

Android Vs iOS

Note- We will not be doing Camera Comparisons, Video Recording, Heat Test because you can find that in every YouTube videos. This will be the comparison of real-time practical factors that play long-time roles. Camera and other stuff can be improved by updates and patches.

We will consider the most important 13 of Android vs. iOS pros and cons which can be deal-breaker for some people and pick a winner accordingly and tally the final score to get the Ultimate winner.

1) Performance of Android vs. iOS-

This is the far most important thing while buying a new device. Performance basically means how fast can your device perform a task with many factors taking into consideration, like Accuracy, Efficiency, and so on. This round s surely going to be tough as iPhones are known for the superior performances, but in the past few months, there is a number of launches of the Android Devices which comes very close to the performance and speed of the iPhones. Have a look down on the Table of benchmarks and see it for yourself. But for this round, the Winner is Android.

Android Vs iOS: Performance
Credit- Android Authority

2) RAM Management: Android vs. iOS-

Before we get to the point where I justify which Operating System has better RAM Management, first we will see what RAM management is and why it is so important. RAM is a special type of memory in which the Android or iOS applications run. Theoretically, the higher RAM is always better, but that not seem to be the case practically. There are several Android devices which have RAM of 6GB, and yet they fail to maintain the apps in the app tray and reload when opened again. This is not the case with iOS. iOS is way ahead of Android in the RAM management as 1GB or 2GB of the RAM is still sufficient for any regular user, and iOS apps don’t just get washed out of the Memory. So for this round, iOS is the Winner.

Android Vs iOS: RAM Management
Credit- Android Authority

3) Storage: Android vs. iOS-

Any person who wants to purchase a new device, whether it’s Android or iOS device, the storage of the device is a very important factor for the consideration. It can even prove to be a deal-breaker. The Android and iOS both devices come with a variety of storage options ranging from 16GB internal storage to 512 GB of internal storage. So that sums up the competition. But as we have to choose a winner here, we will consider the Operating System space of the device. Lower the Operating System space, lower the bloatware and higher is the storage space available for the media and applications. The iOS can take from 5GB to 15GB of the internal space while Android takes storage from 7 GB to 14 GB. This varies from device to device, so we have considered iPhone XR and OnePlus 7 of regular users with the latest security patches and updates. So for this round, Android is the winner.

4) Battery Life: Android Vs. iOS-

Here no one is going to argue about the iPhone vs. Android winner because of the fact that iPhone battery capacity is very average if we compare it to the Android devices of the same configuration. Yes, it is true that iOS has the optimization on whole new level, which tends to increase the Screen-on-Time of the iPhones, but the truth is Android beats iOS in battery capacity as well as the screen-on-time. The Android devices which are in the Android One Program have high optimization, which enables them to get past the iOS devices easily. So the winner of this round is Android.

Android Vs iOS: Battery Backup
Source: Tom’s Guide

5) User Interface: Android Vs. iOS-

The user interface had evolved exponentially since 2007 when Apple launched its first iPhone, which literally toppled the market upside down. Most of the Android devices manufacturers have deployed their own Operating System like XIAOMI uses MiUi, whereas Realme devices use ColorOS which sits on top to the base Android Operating System. Apart from the devices from Android One program, rest all of them have bloatware and not so optimized Operating System and unusual User Interface. This is the only reason why people love iOS, which has simpler User Interface and doesn’t have any bloatware. This undoubtedly makes the iOS popular and hence winner of this round.

6) Optimization-

As I have already said in the previous points that iOS have optimization on the whole new level. Their optimization improves battery life, RAM management, smoother user interaction. The best example is that you can still play PuBG mobile game on the 2GB  variant of iPhone which runs it pretty smoothly whereas an Android Device will require at least 4GB for same performance if we consider the FPS and not graphics. Even the Graphics optimization of iOS is better than Android. Android vs. iOS in 2019 has been tough competition. But this round goes to iOS.

7) Variety-

Have you seen the iPhones recently? Doesn’t they all look similar, just their sizes are different. And from the iPhone X series, they all look literally the same. Few inches here and there and you get different iPhone. This is definitely not the case with Android devices. There are so many brands which have Android devices, and they all have different looks, Infinite display, U-display, notch display, and whatnot. So when the round comes to variety, Android definitely Wins.

8) Apps Availability: Apple Store Vs. Google PlayStore-

Here some people might be skeptical about the apps that are on the Apple Store and Google Playstore, but we have analyzed a few pros and cons. First, let us talk about a number of apps. Google Playstore has around 3.5 Million apps, while Apple Store has 2.5 Million Apps. There are more free apps on Google Playstore, while the same types of apps on the Apple Store are paid. Plus, there are quality apps on the Apple Store than Google Playstore. This Round seems to be a draw as both the iOS and Android has a fair share of pros and cons. So the point goes to both of the Operating Systems.

Apple Store Vs Google Playstore

9) Apple Maps Vs. Google Maps-

This is indeed the most fun part of this article as I personally did the survey and not a single iOS user said that Apple maps are better than Google maps available on Android. They all said something like “Apple maps has the potential to be better but still has time to beat Android Google maps.” So whether we test it or not, the real-time users poll is considered as the best poll. So the winner is Android again.

10) System & Security Updates: Android Vs. iOS-

iOS is one of the few trusted Operating System, which is known for its highest level of security, which indeed beats the Android. The Android is getting better and better with time, but for this moment, there is no other better operating system than iOS for Security. Now talking about the updates, it is a myth that iOS’s updates usually slows down a device a little, so we tested the myth. There is quite a controversy as we let people decide this part. Some users felt their device faster, and some people felt slowing down. But iOS performance was better than before, so we concluded that the slowing down the device after a major update is a myth. So after considering all the points and viewing through a different perspective, we declare iOS as a Winner of this round.

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11) Customization-

Android offers the maximum options for optimization while iOS really doesn’t offer much unless jailbroken, which is definitely not recommended. The main reason for the high availability of optimization options for Andriod is the OS family. The Android Operating System is of Linux Operating System family while iOS is from Operating System X and Unix family. This family of iOS limits the operating System on customization. This indeed takes a huge hit from Android and thus putting iOS at a loss. But this customization limitation enforces iOS’ security, so they are even in this case. But if we do consider just the customization, then Android is clearly a winner.

12) Price: Android Vs. iOS-

This price factor plays the most vital role in the sells of Android and iOS devices like Android devices with some nips and tips, but a close competition performance is far less priced than an iOS device. For example, iPhone XS max 256 GB version costs around $1250 whereas OnePlus 7 pro 256 GB version costs around $750 and Samsung S10+ costs at max $999. You can clearly see the difference in the price, and most importantly, all these devices have the same level of performance. iPhone is, as usual, delicate and more prone to damage than OnePlus or Samsung device. So with not much to explain further, Android is the winner in this price factor.

13) Resale Price: Android Vs. iOS-

You have got the device whichever that maybe but now you want to sell it to buy another device. Which System holds its value better? There is only one answer to this, and no one disagrees. It’s the iPhone. You can still get a fairly decent amount of dollars for a phone two years old. You might also know people using iPhones even older than that which works very well. Android has a variety which is the reason that the Android devices don’t get much resale value. So this round goes to the iPhone.

So after the careful consideration of all the 13 major points, the final score of Android Vs. iOS is 7:6. This tally is carefully calculated by considering all the points and surveys which we conducted, and Android comes out as a winner. The Android and iOS have their own pros and cons, but if we compare them on the common ground, then this is the score. Android is the ultimate winner in this competition. No wonder Android rules over the market with more than 75% of the market shares.

Do you think iOS is still better than Android, or do you agree with our Analysis? Tell us what you think in the comment section.



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