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3 Best Tools to View Instagram Private Profile


Everywhere you go, you see people taking selfies and pics but for what purpose you wonder? The answer is simple, to post these pics on Instagram and look cool, stylish, and fashionable. As of the year 2020, Instagram has more than 1 billion + active users generating a revenue of more than 20 billion USD for the company. It also provided the core feature of privacy but that paves the way for many queries like How to View Instagram Private Profile, how to View Instagram private account, what is stalk Instagram, Instagram tools.

Features of Instagram –

Instagram’s rise to fame is solely due to its amazing and interactive features that are being constantly updated and improved. Some of the key features of Instagram include:

  • The application provides a large range of image and video editing tools that are already in-built. This way you can make professional looking and splendid images using Instagram and then showcase them on your profile.
  • Instagram provides the feature of Live video streaming for up to 1 hour. This way you can connect with your audience easily and spread your message to your followers through a live telecast of the stream.
  • Instagram has a lot of advanced security features such as private profiles, block and report account, two-factor authentication, etc. This ensures that your profile and content is always secured on the platform.

In the earlier days of Instagram, anyone could see any user profile on the platform but in November 2012, Instagram released the feature to control access to your Instagram profile. With this feature, we can select to either keep our account as “public” giving access to anyone to view our profile or make it a “private” account and restrict profile access to our followers only.

Insta Stalker: View Instagram Private Profile

Stalk Instagram using Insta Stalker

The introduction of private profiles on Instagram also gave birth to another term known as “Insta Stalker”. This is a term that is used for persons who are able to stalk Instagram profiles of other people without even letting them know about this. It is basically the act of anonymously looking at profiles. At present, there are many websites that use “Insta Stalking” to promote and popularize their services.

Reasons for Insta stalking –

Every Insta Stalker has a motive behind his/her acts. The reason for stalking a particular profile might be good or bad. Some of the good reasons for Insta Stalking are mention here:

  • One of the very good reasons for Insta Stalking is keeping an eye on your ward. If you are a parent and just want to keep a look at what your child is posting on social media, then you can definitely use private Instagram profile viewing tools. This way you can warn your children if they post something wrong and can even get an idea of their mental state.
  • Another good reason is to check if someone has blocked you from viewing their profile. Insta Stalker tools can tell you whether you have been blocked or if the other person has terminated their account.
  • The most used reason for Instagram Stalking nowadays is market strategies. There is even a particular job role for Social Media Marketing. You can stalk private Instagram accounts to gain insights about the user’s purchase options and then accordingly present your products to them through Instagram.
Instagram tools to View Private Account

How to view private Instagram profiles?

When an Instagram account is set to “private” only the account holders approved followers have the permission to see their photos, videos, locations on pages, hashtags, etc.

The concept of viewing private Instagram profiles anonymously has always been there ever since the platform was introduced. There are some ethical and non-ethical ways to view private Instagram profiles:

  • The first and simplest way to view a private Instagram profile is to send them a follow request and become a follower of their account. Though this may seem to be direct in approach it is the best ethical way of viewing private profiles.
  • Another way is to search for the account name on Google images or other image search engines. It is very much possible that the target has left some footprints before making the account private. Also, they might have shared their Instagram stories and photos on other social media platforms which you might be able to view.
  • If you are too shy and want to view an account without sending a follow request, you can use other third-party websites and apps. However, this is considered as a non-ethical way and comes under Insta Stalking. The following is a list of some tools available for this purpose –
  • The first option is using a website known as “Private Instagram Viewer”. It is a very easy to use and interactive website and you can view private profile pictures using this tool. All you have to do is enter the profile name of the account that you are stalking.

InstaFullSize: View Instagram Private Profile

Another tool is “InstaFullSize”. It is similar to the above tool and you just need to enter the link of Instagram post or the username of the account that you want to view. It is free to use a service that retrieves and provides you with full-resolution images and videos for the particular profile.

InstaSpy: View Instagram Private Account

  • InstaSpy” is one of the popular and secure tools for Insta Stalking. It is very easy to use and all you have to do is enter the username of the private Instagram profile, then choose what you want to view from the profile, and then proceed to unlock the private content. After Instaspy unlocks it for you, you can view and download this data.

Having knowledge about Instagram stalking can be very useful since it can help you identify whether you are being stalked and even prevent you from unsafe practices like cyberbullying. Also, if you want to expand your market to potential customers, then good Instagram stalking is a safe practice and you can use the tools mentioned above in a secure manner.

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