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Top 10 Anonymous chat apps for ios


Anonymous chat apps for ios are rare. And it’s even rarer to find ios apps that are truly worth using. So due to popular demand, we have made a dedicated list of anonymous chat apps for ios. These chat apps have plenty of options and features to help you find the best strangers to chat online from around the world. So without further ado here are the top 10 ios apps you need to use to talk to strangers:

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1) Chattous

Chatous is a very popular iOS app that allows its users to chat with random strangers around the world for free. One of the most sought after feature of this app is the ability to chat strangers about the selected topics that you are interested in. That way you can be sure that you share common interests with the people you are connecting to. You can select a topic and search for people to chat about this topic. You can also share photos, videos, audio, and other files. Now you can be sure to find your soul mate from around the world with this anonymous chat app.

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2) SayHi Chat and meet new people

SayHi Chat and meet new people is an anonymous chatting app for iOS users who want to talk to strangers. I know quite a lengthy name but it does what it says. It allows its users to easily chat and flirt with new people from around the world. It is free to use has ads though. One of its unique features is the option that allows users to see who’s online and available for chat. You also have options for blocking and sharing files with other users on the app.

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MeetMe is another anonymous chat app on the iTunes store that provides its users with privacy to anonymously with strangers. It does require an email address to use but you can use a fake email messaging service to sign-ins. You can start a secret chat and talk with strangers. Now we can also share photos with strangers all over the world. You obviously have good security options for blocking and privacy. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the ios app store.

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4) Anonymous chat rooms 

Anonymous chat rooms is an IOS app made specifically for anonymous chatting. It was developed by AntiChat Inc. The app is available for iOS users. Now make chat groups anywhere in the world and start chatting anonymously in groups meant for specific topics. You can easily use this app without any worry or privacy. This is perfect for those naughty chats you don’t want others to know about. It’s completely free to use and depends on ads to make its revenue.

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Mico is a popular random chat app for iOS users that has been active for quite a while now. With millions of users, this app has become the favorite of many that allow them to find and chat with random people around the world. It is free to use and allows you to find real people to chat with. Unlike many other apps filled with bots and fake accounts. You also have the option to filter according to gender which helps a lot. You also have a video chat option if you want to go wild. Just like other apps on the list you can share images and videos. You can also block users who you do not want to talk to.

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6) RandoChat

As the name suggests its a random chat app that randomly connects you to strangers around the world. It is available for Android and iOS users. Hence you can be sure to find millions of unknown strangers to be your friends or partners in naughtiness. It is one of the best dating apps. The best feature of this app is the ability for users to filter strangers by age, gender, location, sexual preference. That way you find more people worth talking to. Also, you can share plenty of things using the interface of their app which allows you to share images and videos with strangers.

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7) Moco

Moco is an anonymous chat app for iOS that was quite famous back in the day. It is still active and has a great number of people. However, unlike before the number of users are less compared to the top leaders of the list. But the app is a good option to find people worth talking to. Also, the number of ads in the apps is less compared to others on the list. So it is still a valid option especially for IOS users.

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8) Connected2.me Anonymous chat

Connected2.me, as the name suggests, is an app to connect to people around the world. You can talk about office and school gossip anonymously and talk about any topic you want without needing to reveal your identity. It’s free to use and you can always share images, videos, etc. Its huge userbase is a prime attraction for anyone looking for anonymous chat.

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9) ChatOften

ChatOften is another popular app for iOS users that allows users to chat with strangers. You have a paid option as well which serves as a better option for ad-free chatting. Frankly, it’s similar to many of the other apps on the list. However, it does have a good number of users so you can be sure you will find someone to talk to.

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10) Cipher

Cipher is a secret cipher based digitally signed messaging app for iOS users that allow its users to easily start to chat with strangers around the world with your security intact. It a very popular app because of its security features however the user base is less so it ranks last on our list. The author of the claims that the messages cannot be accessed because of its high security. Feel free to try it out.

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Warnings associated with anonymous chat apps

  1. Never share personality identifiable information
  2. Always ask for age (Adult chats with underage people is a crime)
  3. Do not pay money to strangers (They are fake accounts and hackers)
  4. Always be respectful and kind to others
  5. Don’t send explicit pics to strangers. (no one wants to see that)
  6. Follow the rules and regulations stated in the app
  7. Follow community rules in groups and conversations
  8. Do not discriminate and share hate speech against anyone
  9. Follow the laws always. Just because you are online doesn’t mean laws don’t apply
  10. Many apps have ads and in-app purchases. Before making any verify the reviews of the app. I don’t recommend doing any in-app purchases. But just in case you are desperate, be sure to check first. 

I hope this list of anonymous chat apps for ios was helpful to you. If any of the links are broken or any app is unavailable do let me know in the comment section below. Enjoy the random chat with strangers.

Happy Chatting..!!



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