How to complete the cake and collect seven stamps in Google pay


Google’s payment app Google Pay has introduced 2020 stamps. The stamps include Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Disco, Toffee, Selfie, and Pizza and together form three different layers of cake. Available under the rewards section in the app, those collecting all 7 stamps will get assured rewards of up to Rs 2020. Additionally, participants will get bonus rewards on completing each layer of the cake. The offer started on December 23 and will continue till December 31.

To recall, the payment app introduced Diwali stickers earlier this year in India where collecting all five stickers earned Rs 251. New Year Google is back with its new offer which is known as Google pay 2020 offer, where you will get up to Rs.2020 directly into your bank account by just collecting the cakes.

It’s that not much as we are saying, collecting five stamps in Diwali offer was very tough even some of our users haven’t got Rs.251. This time too it might be hard. Let’s see what happens.

Google pay 2020 offer will live from 22nd of December, 2019 and will live till the New Year i.e., 31st of December, 2020. It might extend there duration.

What you’ll Get by winning all Stamps

When your account has all of the stamps there’s a big likelihood of getting Rs.2020 however Rs.202 is the minimum amount of money which you’ll get into your current Google pay account. Let’s see all of that it in steps.

  • Firstly, You’re going to get a scratch card value Rs.202 to Rs.2020 which you get by collecting or winning (if you say so) all of the stamps.
  • The supply is legitimate until 31st of December, 2019 which means that you need to have all the stamps before or till 31st December as its the last date of the offer.

So now you may have just a week to collect all the stamps and

  1. Balloon
  2. DJ
  3. Goggles/ Sunglasses
  4. Disco
  5. Toffee
  6. Selfie
  7. Pizza

If you collect the above items before 31st of December 2019, You Can Earn Assured ₹202 Upto ₹2020 In This Competition. I really hope that my article here would help you guys win maximum rewards in this festive season offer.

Google Pay Is Finest & Most Widespread App mostly known for its offers and cash backs.  Right here, we are getting Cashback straight into our bank accounts account if you do  Recharge, bill payments of different vendors, Refer & money transfer. Google pay was widely famous in its initial days for its refer and win money offer where the referer would get ₹51 in their account directly if they refer google pay to any other google pay non-user.

So enough with the information and let us get straight to the point-

How We Can Get ₹2020 in Google Pay?

As We Informed You There Have 7 Christmas Items that we have to collect so as to get the rewards into our bank account.

How To Get Google Pay 2020 Complete Cake Offer–

This time Google Pay gives you a total of three tasks To complete And Get 5 Stamps every day.

How To Signup On Google pay?

  1. You can download the updated Google Pay App– Here
  2. Create a Google pay account if you don’t have already and connect your bank account to it.
  3. Now send Rs1 To Any Google Pay user or any of your friend that uses google pay.
  4. Get Rs.21 Signup Bonus

Best Hacks to get All the Stamps and get ₹2020 in google pay-

Hack 1 – How To Get 7 Stamps Quickly

1. This hack works best and has more chances to get stamp On New Google Account.

2. So, Change the Google Pay account if possible.

3. First Uninstalled Google Pay App From your device.

4. Create A new Gmail Account using a new phone number if possible.

5. Login New Gmail On your device.

6. Now download the updated Google Pay App from Google Playstore. Open the Google pay app.

7. Enter your Phone number that is connected to any of your non-used bank accounts.

8. Change Google Account & Lastly Login In Google Pay Account

9. This Method Improves Your Likelihood To Win ₹202 To ₹2020 Reward


Hack 2 – How To Get Toffee Stamp
  • Make A Bill payment for any vendor or your phone bill  From Google Pay
  • Get Assured Toffee Stamp
  • Minimal billing price should be ₹300. Make a bill payment for 3 months pack.

Hack 3 – How To Get DJ Stamp

  • Do A cellphone Recharge
  • Get Assured DJ Stamp
  • Minimal Recharge Quantity ₹98
Hack 4 – How To Get Pizza Stamp
  • Refer To Your friend or any new google pay.
  • Get Assured Pizza Stamp On Your referred contact’s first transaction
  • Additionally, Get ₹180 Per Refer
Hack 5 – How To Get Selfie Stamp
  • Scan 2020 Picture
  • Every day Recharge Of ₹98
  • Do more Google Pay To Google Pay Transactions and try doing transactions with the different users every time. That way it would look more legitimate and not some scam.
Hack 7 – How To Get Disco Stamp
  • To Get A Disco Stamp You must do a Transaction On different payment Apps Or Services Like Dream11 / Fantasy Cricket And many others
  • This Method You Have Likelihood To Get Disco Stamp
  • Additionally Doing A Recharge.
  • Attempt Google Pay On-Air Trick
Hack 8 – How To Get Balloon Stamp
  • Scan 2020 Image
  • Get Assured Balloon Stamp
  • Additionally, Get By Google Pay ₹150 Transaction

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Some Advance Hacks to Get the Stamps Faster & get ₹2020 in google pay-

How To Get Balloon, DJ, Sunshades, Disco, Toffee, Selfie, Pizza?

  • Make Distinctive Transaction Like Pay On Any Fantasy App / Or Purchasing App Like Flipkart
  • Attempt This hack By creating different Your Google pay accounts, it means to change your Google Pay Registered Mail and bank. YOu can also use your family member’s bank accounts if possible.
  • Recharge Minimal Quantity ₹49
  • Refer To Your Associates & Get ₹202 (Welcome Supply Money) + ₹180 (Refer Quantity) = 382 in this offer period.
  • You Can Share Or Ship Or Reward Your Further Reward To Your Associates
  • Get 5 To 15 Stamps On a regular basis From The offer 31 December 2019

From 23 December 2019, collect All 7 completely different Stamps To full The Cake To Get An Assured reward From Google Pay value Up To ₹2020.

Earn a bonus reward for every layer of cake you complete. The more cake layers you complete, the more rewards you can get ₹2020 in google pay.

IMPORTANT Disclaimer-

The tips, tricks, and hacks that we showed you here are the ones that we recommend and do not guarantee any of them. Although there are high chances that these hacks will work and get ₹2020 in google pay but we cannot guarantee any of it. We have tried and tested these hacks for 2 days (23 and 24 Nov 2019) and then uploaded the article on it.

Good Luck.


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