The key to success in any field of life is the ability to constantly gain knowledge about new things and never stop the process of learning. Our world is like a vast ocean of learning and we cannot absorb all of it. So, we should do our best to learn and acquire knowledge and wisdom about as many things as we can. There are many sources to gain information and skills but the best one that has been man’s best friend even from ancient times are “books”. Now in the 21st century, traditional paperback books are evolved into ebooks library like Audiobooks, ebooks, Amazon Kindle, etc. There are various sources on the Internet where you can get Free Audiobooks, Free Ebooks, free kindle books, and so on.

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As we are moving towards technological progressions our concepts and approach towards every aspect of life are changing rapidly. Today people are so busy that they don’t have the time to go to a library and read a book. Since everything today is meant to be online and available in a digital format, books have also changed their form to e-books and audiobooks and these are available on platforms such as Kindle that is dedicated exclusively to the purpose of providing these digital books to readers.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is the platform developed by Amazon for e-readers to read and share their digital reading experience. The authors and publishers connected to Kindle services have the full authority to publish their books independently through the platform. Amazon also launched a dedicated device known as Kindle which could be used to read books anytime anywhere through this tablet device. The service includes a Kindle Store where users can purchase e-books from a large genre and after a successful purchase, they can download it to their Kindle device and enjoy this digital masterpiece. This service is not confined to just books and you can even read newspapers and magazines through your Kindle device.

Amazon Kindle-Free Audiobooks
Best Free ebooks Library

Free Kindle books:

Once you have developed a habit of reading, you constantly need new materials to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. Although very feasible, getting e-books on a Kindle device or through the Kindle app is not cheap. You don’t need to worry anymore as we have brought some ways in which you can get Kindle e-books totally free of cost:

  • The first and most easy thing to do is search the Kindle bookstore or visit the Amazon site and look for free books that are available there. Though Amazon offers e-books for a fee payment it is a non-deniable fact that a large number of books that have been best-sellers in the past and are still very popular are available for free on the platform. All you need to do is add any of these free books to your library and now you have full access to the book.
  • Another way to get free e-books is through your Amazon Prime subscription. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that apart from the benefits of Prime Video and Prime Music, there is also a benefit of Prime Reading in the subscription. It basically opens a door to a large number of free e-books available in the Kindle store which otherwise required some fees. Also, Prime readers can rent any book from the Amazon library entirely free of cost.

    Amazon Kindle- Free Audiobooks
    Amazon Kindle- Best ebooks Library of Audiobooks/ Ebooks
  • Apart from Kindle and Amazon services, there are also some other sites like Project Gutenburg and Bookbub that offer free e-books that are compatible with Kindle devices and the Kindle app. You can explore these sites and you might eventually get the book you were looking for.

    Project Gutenberg- Best ebooks Library

Some other platforms to read and get free books online

If you don’t have a Kindle device or an Amazon Prime subscription and just want to read some books on your mobile or laptop, there are a few sites that you can visit to download digital format of books:

  1. Overdrive – This is the best place to get hundreds of free e-books from all topics. All you need is a valid library card or a student id to get access to the material.
  2. Library Genesis – It is a search engine for all kinds of free reading material available online including magazines, articles, e-books and many more. The material spans almost all the genres possible and indexes over 60 million articles and 3 million e-books.
  3. PDF Drive – If you are looking to get books in a pdf format then this is the best place. It provides more than 83 million books, articles, magazines, guides etc. that are totally free and you can download unlimited files without any ad-interruptions.

Amazon Audible –

Ever since audiobooks became prevalent, new platforms have been coming forward in this market. One of the companies that have totally changed the scenario of audiobooks is “Audible”. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon and it sells and produces spoken audio entertainment such as audiobooks, life lessons, podcasts, stories, talk shows, etc.

It is designed especially for users who love to read books but don’t have time to read actually. By using Audible, users can listen to audiobooks whilst doing their other work. The popularity of Audible has grown rapidly and it is now the largest producer and retailer of audiobooks in the USA.

The service includes more than 2 lac audio programs from top broadcasters, audiobook publishers, entertainers, etc.

Amazon Kindle- Best ebooks Library
Amazon Kindle- Best ebooks Library

Audible subscription costs ₹199 per month but there are some ways to get it for free for a certain duration and thus get access to free audiobooks:

  • The easiest way is to search the Audible store for free audiobooks. There are a lot of premium quality audiobooks that you can get for free from Audible itself. Just search for “free” in the store and all the related items will be displayed.
  • Another way is to get the free one-month trial offered by Audible to all its new users. In this offer, you get a free download for an audiobook and unlimited access to all the podcasts.
  • If you have a free Amazon-Prime membership, you can use it to get 5 free audiobooks and a 90-day free trial of Audible.

Apart from Audible, there are some other sites offering free audiobooks such as:


E-Books and audiobooks are very fun to read and listen to and are a great way to gain intelligence and wisdom. These formats of books are also very convenient and one can carry millions of e-books or audiobooks in a single device and as they can be retrieved free of cost (or by paying minimal charges). There is no more restriction on access to knowledge and anyone can get these e-books through the methods and platforms mentioned above or many others that are available on the Internet.

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