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5 Best Coding Challenge Websites for Beginners & Seasoned Programmers


The Best way to improve your coding skills is by solving lots of coding problems. By solving the coding problems, you will get familiar with the programming language, improve your logical skills, learn the inside out of programming concepts, get prepared for the job interviews, and a lot more. There are multiple coding challenge websites and platforms where you can enhance your coding skills and knowledge.

So we have 5 Top Coding Challenges Websites that are known for their unique and challenging coding problems for beginner and Seasoned Programmers. Below is a list of some of the most popular competitive coding websites which are used by programmers all around the world:


HackerRank is an online coding platform founded in Bangalore in the year 2009. It is one of the leading platforms for competitive programming challenges wherein one has to solve the problems as per the given constraints. The platform has an immense collection of coding challenges that are particularly tailored towards different domains related to Computer Science such as Algorithms, Data Structures, Mathematics, SQL, Functional Programming, AI, and more.


It is a great tool for intermediate to advanced level coders who have finished their basics in programming and wish to advance their skills by solving more complicated problems. However, this doesn’t mean that HackerRank doesn’t have something for beginners. It has several free courses such as “Learn to Code in 30 days”, that help beginners to reach a certain level of understanding of the programming languages and the coding world. It has an amazing discussion panel with experienced coders. Also, every challenge has a leader board and an editorial that explains the approach to the challenge.

Besides the regular challenges, HackerRank also provides job opportunities. Coders can take part in various company-sponsored coding-challenges and apply for a job position by solving the challenge problem.

The most amazing part about HackerRank is that all its benefits are free of cost. Some of the popular challenges on HackerRank include 101-Hack, HourRank, Week of code, Ad Infinitum, and many more.

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If you are looking for a platform for improving your coding skills then CodeWars is certainly a great option since it offers a great variety of coding challenges in more than 20 different programming languages. The platform’s large collection of coding challenges is edited and submitted by their community.

The website has a fun and interactive interface that is based on a martial-art theme. It is a great choice for beginners as well as intermediate coders as each challenge comes with its discussion board and user solutions. By completing different coding challenges, you can earn points, climb the leader board rankings, and unlock advanced challenges. CodeWars challenges can be solved directly in the online editor provided by them in any one of the 20 languages offered.

All the community created challenges are free for users, however, there is also a premium subscription by the name ‘CodeWars Red’ that comes for $5 a month and gives you access to additional benefits such as ad-free experience, real-time output streaming, early access to beta functions and many more.

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CodeForces is an online competitive programming website sponsored by the popular app Telegram, which is most useful for advanced level programmers that enjoy solving difficult algorithms. This Russian-based platform is certainly one of the best competitive coding sites. It regularly hosts coding competitions wherein some of the best competitive programmers in the world compete.

The platform doesn’t provide any online editor and you have to write your entire code on your editor and upload it on CodeForces after which your code is tested against different test cases. Contestants who pass the test cases can then go through the solution of other contestants and earn points by suggesting them. CodeForces conducts nearly 6 contests every month that are free to participate in and have prizes that can range from accessories to even $100.


HackerEarth is one of those dorm room startups that has rapidly grown from a very small scale to one of the largest coding challenge platforms. The site runs coding challenges and hackathons throughout the year. HackerEarth is truly a heaven for both developers as well as businesses. The coders can practice through numerous challenges and level up their coding skills for interviews with an active coding community of more than 5 million developers. Companies can interview and hire developers based on their skills.

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They can also host virtual hackathons to solve different business challenges with the help of coders from around the world. Hiring challenges are very popular since they show the company that is running the challenge, Experience required, CTC, Job location, etc, and candidates are likely to get hired immediately upon solving the coding problem.

With more than 2000 time-bound challenges, one can get a realistic feel of competitive coding at HackerEarth. Thus, one can not only develop their coding skills but also earn exciting cash-prizes and even high-paying job opportunities through the HackerEarth platform.


If there is one platform for all types of coders, from beginner to advanced, it is definitely CodeChef. It is an Indian competitive programming platform offering numerous challenges for aspiring programmers to sharpen their coding skills by solving different challenges and contests. It has a vast community of coders and programmers that are actively involved in their forums, discussion boards and even contribute to CodeChef’s coding competitions. CodeChef provides its own online IDE that makes coding really fun. A new competition starts at the beginning of every month and two others start at the middle and end of the month respectively.

CodeChef accepts solutions in over 55+ programming languages including C, C++, Java, and Python. By solving various challenges, you receive points in the form of “Ladoos” which you can redeem to get amazing prizes. Some of the contests on CodeChef include Monthly Programming Contests, Cook-off, Lunchtime Coding Contests, etc, having prizes up to $200. CodeChef ranks are very respectable in the coding community and a higher rank shows that you have higher standards of coding.

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Bonus Website- LeetCode:

LeetCode is another great website whose coding challenges are great for intermediate and advanced coders. It provides both weekly as well as monthly challenges and has a collection of some of the best algorithm-specific challenges in the coding community. The platform provides a list of more than 190 challenges with 1400+ coding problems that help in sharpening coding skills such as data structure, algorithms, system design, shell, database, functional programming, etc, which are required for various technical job interviews.

The contests generally have a duration of 90 minutes to give a real competitive feel and you can solve these challenges in LeetCode’s own online editor known as “Playground” in anyone out of the 14 supported programming languages. Completing challenges and winning the contests on LeetCode earns you cash prizes and gift cards.

So, there you go these were some of the best websites for you to practice coding and take part in numerous online coding challenges. Programming is a field that will stay popular as long as technological advancements take place and thus the need for quality coders will always be high. Coding is like an art, the more you practice the more proficient you become at it, and taking part in challenges is certainly one of the best approaches to sharpening your programming skills. These platforms provide you an all-around environment to grow as a coder and succeed.

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