How to Bypass Surveys Online- 7 easy ways


When I say online surveys, the first thing that pops in your mind is the SKIP button or bypass surveys or survey remover tool. Well, everyone’s mind is the same in that case. Online surveys are the second most annoying thing on the Internet after pop-up ads.

I know its kind of painful to spend some bucks on something when we can have that for free totally. We have to find that something (that something can be a movie, song, anime, software, any service, etc.) on the internet and acquire it. Well, the hard step is the surveys we have to go through to download the stuff. There are a bunch of questions with a single answer or multiple answers, but the real problem is authenticity.

These online surveys are not exactly authentic. What I mean is that there are high chances of a survey being just spam and nothing else. After you complete the survey (hook or crook way), you are redirected to some random page utterly unrelated to your interest, and then you close the tab. Now, I have explained the problem so time for the solution.

So here are the five best bypass online surveys methods which you can use and save a lot of time and frustration in finding something on the Internet. We have provided the name and also the steps for the execution or using it.

1) Redirect Bypasser


Bypass Survey Using Firefox Entension- survey remover tool

Redirect Bypasser is a Bypass Online Survey Add-On of Mozilla Firefox browser only which is used to avoid surveys on websites. Not all, but most of the surveys are avoided by it. The only problem is that it is not available on any other browser. This bypass online survey extension also helps you from the popups and another annoying bunch of things on the Internet, so it takes the first choice.

For Chrome extension to bypass surveys click here.

To add the Redirect Bypasser on your Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to follow some steps as given below-

  1. Open the Firefox Browser
  2. Search “Redirect Bypasser” on Google or any other Search Engine.
  3. Click on “+Add to Firefox.”

The other features of Redirect Bypasser are-

1) Extract links recursively (every URL found are added to a pop-up overlay while hovering the link to let the user choose the best option in a fast way).

2) Decode obfuscated links as “reverse,” base64 and hex. (tricks used by some sites to prevent direct access to the original web address).

3) Extract web addresses within tag’s attributes (e.g., onclick, onmouseover), text contents and JavaScript: protocol (mostly used to open pop-ups or to show overlays).

4) Extract web addresses from plug-ins (useful to open flash games, videos in a new tab or to get URL of videos, music…).

5) Can handle dynamic content (links that move or hide.) very well.

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Survey Bypasser- survey remover tool is a Survey Blocking website. Blocking surveys is easy; enter the URL in the box below. There are also some options present there like Encrypting URL, blocking scripts, allow cookies, etc. Here, the bypassing survey online is a little bit complicated as you have to enter the link or URL every time you come across the survey. This is indeed some tiring work, but it gets the work done. You will have access to the website or the specific content of the website without any surveys online.

For blocking surveys via follow the steps given below:

  1. Open any website which asks for a survey, then on a new tab open
  2. Copy URL of the site and paste in the URL box in
  3. Click on GO, and then you are directed to the main content you wish to access.

3) Bypassing online Surveys using Inspect Element

You can avoid a survey using inspect element as well. This is instead a different method from the first two methods, and you need to have some knowledge of the programming languages like HTML or simple web development as well, but this method does work. The inspect element merely an option to enter into the coding section of the client-side webpage, and it does not affect the server side so you can mess with some of the things like tags or the attributes.

To implement or execute (as we are dealing with a little programming) follow the steps given below-

1) Right click on the survey page and select “Inspect Element” from the drop-down menu. Different elements of the site will be displayed to you in a developer console.

2) In these elements search for the words like overlay and survey. These are the elements which restrict you to access files or any content.

3)Right click on these elements or codes and select “Disable Element” or “Delete Node” to get rid of surveys once and for all.

4) Survey Remover Tool- bypass surveys fastest

Tool used to Bypass Surveys- survey remover tool

Here is another Bypass online surveys tool named Survey Remover Tool which is the best tool on the Internet right now. This bypass survey method also requires the URL of the website from which you need to bypass surveys. Its hectic work because you always need a URL and the process is not automatic but semi-automatic. You have to enter the link of the website to bypass surveys and access the content. This survey remover tool will be beneficial when there are two or three websites of surveys but will be a headache if there are a bunch of sites with surveys to access the content.


Follow the below steps for using survey remover tool

  1. Open the link for downloading the Survey Remover Tool
  2. Download the tool from the link by clicking on the download button.
  3. After downloading the tool launch it.
  4. Copy the link or URL of the site which is asking for an online survey.
  5. Paste the URL in the URL slot of the tool.
  6. Press Enter Key and the tool effectively removes all the surveys and overlaying elements of the site.

5) Survey Smasher-

Survey Smasher

The Survey Smasher is another type of survey bypass tool like the previous ones. It requires you to enter the website link or URL to bypass surveys on the website. It encodes the site to remove all the annoying and mandatory surveys so that you can access the website without any issues or going through the surveys. The user interface is entirely professional yet very simple to use.

Steps are simple:

  1. Download the application from the website
  2. Install the application
  3. Add the links you want to bypass.
  4. And now you will find the converted links ready for download.

6) Aviva directory Be the Bot- bypass surveys Easily


Be The Bot- bypass online surveys

This website provides you the ability to browse the internet as if you were a google or a yahoo bot. With the help of this website you can easily bypass any surveys and view the content, you wish to see. It is extremely helpful for people like us trying to bypass surveys on the internet.

Steps to use:

  1. Open the website from the above link
  2. Enter the URL of the website you want to view.
  3. And click Go
  4. And you’re done you can now view the website as a bot.

If you still have doubts about this Survey Bypassers, then you can use our alternate method-

7) Alternate Method to bypass surveys

This is the alternative method we recommend for you if installing the above tools makes you uncomfortable or sceptical about your privacy. This method involves javascript knowledge (a little off course) and follows the steps below for the desired result-
Go to and copy the java code which is mentioned there. Its perfectly safe javascript code so do not worry.
Create a Bookmark and name it “Survey_Bypass” and paste the URL that you copied.
Now you can Bypass any survey by clicking on that bookmark. It is an easy method. Once you click on that bookmark, the survey will be bypassed automatically due to javascript. It does not need any installation.

So that brings to our next very Important Question

Are these Survey Bypass Tools Safe?

Well for starters, I would like to tell explicitly that we have used, experimented and scanned these survey tools and extensions using our resources and found them safe. These survey remover tools disable the javascript code or remove the javascript code from the webpage and nothing else so using these methods would be safe. But we recommend you to use these methods, try to find if they are safe and scan them with anti-virus if required to get a clear picture of its safety and authenticity. Don’t worry about your private data on your computer as it will be safe and secure.

Final Say-

So these are the five best Method as of now online bypass surveys. There are few more ways, but those are not as reliable as these five methods. We will keep updating the article regularly as we find some more reliable methods. If you know some more ways do comment them in the comment section.

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