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Pubg mobile aimbot wallhack esp hacks Magicbullet (2019)


Many people wanted to know how to use aimbot, wallhack, ESP and Magicbullet in pubg mobile. So we decided to research how hackers are hacking pubg mobile with aimbot and wallhack. After months of research, we have finally found the solution.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage pubg mobile hacking. We are not responsible for your actions. This article is only for educational purposes. If your account is banned then you are responsible. We do not support pubg mobile hacking and aimbot etc. The purpose of this article is to show how hackers are hacking pubg mobile. This post should be used as a tool to help the public understand how hackers are bypassing pubg anti-cheat detection. The Hacking world team shall not be held responsible if any criminal charges are brought against any person who misuses the information on this website to violate the law. We do not support hacking.

Before starting hacking I recommend doing this: Gameloop pubg mobile settings for max performance

So with that out of the way. Let’s see how hackers can hack pubg mobile with aimbot and wallhack. Here are the five steps to hack pubg mobile:

Hacking Pubg Mobile

 1) Download and install Cheat Engine.

Cheat engine is a special software designed for hacking games. This software is free to use. You can use custom scripts for hacking games. The functions of the cheats will depend on the script used. In case of pubg Jump hack, speed hack, Antenna Hack, FOV Hack, Wallhack, Aimbot, Magic Bullet, Auto Headshot, Esp Color Hack (Black, White) etc are available and will be explained in detail below.

Install the cheat engine from the official website.

magic bullet cheat engine

2) Start the emulator.

The following cheat only works with emulators. Currently, TGB, Gameloop, LD player smartgaga etc are emulators supported with this hack. You can use aimbot, wallhack, magic bullet, esp etc with these emulators. Other emulators do not work as far as my knowledge. You are free to test though.

3) Use the pubg mobile hacking script

Double click on any of the two cheats to open start hacking pubg mobile. These are two cheats that have different functions. I will explain each function below. But for now, choose any one of the two scripts.

  1. 1st Script Download
  2. 2nd Script Download

If this screen appears after running the cheat, select Always and click the Yes button.


The hack should start now.

4) Select your emulator.

Depending on upon your emulator select the right option. As you can see below you will get this prompt for script 1. Script 2 works only with gameloop. Feel free to experiment. Although we are not responsible for banned accounts.

Some hacks should be used in the lobby while some hacks should be used in games. They have been mentioned on the script. Kindly read properly.

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5) Start playing and using the following cheats: 

Script 1: Has the following cheats:

Script 2: Has the following cheats:

Explaining each pubg mobile hack


With this hack whenever you shoot it will automatically target the other players. You do not need to aim. This is auto targetting players. I hope I do not need to explain how powerful this is. The code for aiming and shooting is injected into the game at the client-side with the help of the script.  This “code” is basically taking aim assist beyond the limit.

This hack is very risky and will be detected if used too much.

2) ESP = Extrasensory perception (Also known as antennae hack)

This hack will show you the location of all players near you. Even when these players are hidden. With ESP when you know the location of the player you can play and engage them properly. Generally, you will see a box or antennae on top of the player when using ESP. Depending on the script you used. You can see through walls and also though smokes and water. This hack is extremely powerful and can get you all the chicken dinners. ESP is the best cheat for getting chicken dinners in pubg mobile.

3) Wallhack

As you can already guess this hack can enable you to shoot through walls. Making you the most dangerous player in the game. This pubg mobile wallhack can easily be detected since people who are covered and inside their house will easily come to know that you are hacking and you will get reported. Wallhack is easy to detect remember.

4) Super jump

This hack is obviously easy to detect since with this hack you can jump like a superman. This hack is the famous super jump hack of pubg mobile. Many people loot drops in the air without them even landing on the ground. Obviously this hack will get you banned.

5) Superspeed

Similar to super jump this is superspeed. With this hack, you can be like Flash from the marvels superheroes. You move so fast that you are impossible to shoot at. This hack is fun but will get you detected quite easily. Superspeed is fun to use and is more than enough to beat your enemies.

6) No recoil

Many guns like Groza and akm even beryl are very difficult to control because of the recoil. This hack makes the recoil zero. What this means is that your gun will have no recoil and will work directly without shaking. The perfect way to get the chicken dinner. This hack can be easily spotted when someone is spectating you and you will be reported. This is the famous no recoil pubg hack.

7) Magicbullet

This is a very famous hack in pubg mobile. With a magicbullet, you can aim at anyone and that bullet will kill him. It is like a guided missile and will not miss the target. Obviously it is a very dangerous hack and will get you banned when people report you. But this hack does exist. Magicbullet is pubg mobile is best killing hack available. And magicbullet is especially effective for killing snipers with AWMs.

8) Autoheadshot

This cheat needs no explanation. You will get a headshot with every bullet fired. This makes the game very easy to win and getting chicken dinners with an auto headshot is too easy. An auto headshot will not be detected unless you use it too much. If your every kill is headshot then your account will be flagged as suspicious and soon reported and banned by pubg mobile.

9) No grass, no fog, no effects

This can help you spot hidden players. From your view, you can see players hidden in the grass as well as in the fog. Making it very easy for you to shoot and kill players. This is similar to ESP however you cannot see through walls. In the case of esp, you can see through walls. SOme esp cheats also show the other players health.

10) Black sky

This cheat takes away all the dynamic weather effects such as rain and fog which are present in Erangel and Sanhok. This makes it much easier for you to spot players and kill them. This hack has a similar effect to esp in which you can spot hidden palters but they cannot spot you. This cheat is harder to detect and hence is much safer.

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Following are the tips hackers use to stay undetected:

  • Never shoot through the walls. Clearly shows your a hacker and gets you banned.
  • Keep your KD low and accuracy low. If you start killing too much obviously it will be flagged by the system.
  • Keep a low profile– Do not aim for rank 1 on pubg server. Obviously people will spectate you and know that you are cheating.
  • Never go for headshots Aimbots detect graphic objects and build a character model detecting components like head, torso etc. Avoid using magicbullet and aimbot according to me since it can get you banned.
  • Beware of kill cams, don’t let anyone see you are using an aimbot.
  • Try not to use too many hacks at one particular time.
  • It is recommended to use with pubg mobile emulator bypass. You can get a ban because of risk and Dangers of this hack. Especially hacks like magicbullet
  • The risk of ban increases in TDM(new mode 4v4). Do not play TDM. All responsibility lies with you.

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Alert!! Warning!!

PUBG Developers have made it clear they will not be tolerating any kind of cheating and hacking in pubg mobile. Although these hacks seem tempting, there are not suppose to be used according to the terms and conditions of the game. The hacking world does not support pubg mobile hacking. Pubg mobile will permanently ban the accounts of the players found cheating.

Play fair and play safe. You are responsible for your own actions

Hope you liked the article. Share and donate to support. Happy Gaming



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