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9 Best Front End Programming Languages for Beginners


Are you a web developer working with a collection of client websites, or maybe you are creating a brand-new website as your portfolio with client side programming? No matter what your final goal is when it comes to developing a high-quality, well-designed, and super friendly website, your front-end development language plays a vital role. Selecting the best front-end programming language that suits your need can be quite confusing especially when you are not familiar with front-end development programming languages. So here we have the list of best front end programming languages for beginners and seasoned web developers.

Top 10 Best Programming Languages for Front-End Development
Front End Programming Languages for Beginners

Front-end development is mainly focused on what some may coin the “client-side” of development. Front-end programmers will be engaged in analyzing code, style, and debugging applications, together with ensuring a smooth customer experience. You handle what people initially see in their browser and “First Impression is the Last Impression” suits perfectly here. As a front-end programmer you are accountable for the appearance, feel, and ultimately the design of the website and eventually its success.

What Are Front-End Development Languages?

For those taking their very first actions in front-end development, we have curated the list of best front end programming languages for you to learn. These front-end programming languages do require some programming knowledge or at least some basic logic to learn, if none, start with our first in the list, HTML.

With different languages made use of the front-end, the web developer’s function would be able to produce a theme in line with an established design of the site or creating a design according to the application and impact of the website on the Audience.

How do front end as well as back languages differ? If we go by the Analogy, front-end programming development can be considered as the Skin of an organism and the backend would be the muscles and skeleton. This includes the fundamental components consisting of the protection, functionality, as well as performance of the site.

Ideal Front End Development Languages in 2020:

When it pertains to developing the front end of your website or software application, below are a few of the recommended ideal front end web development languages for you to select from and also their advantages.


Possibly among the most prominent and also vital of front-end development languages, JavaScript is used to create Interactive Webpages like creating an Animation or widgets. It is near impossible to work on a website that does not run without using JavaScript when it comes to front end web development.

One of the Most Simplest Front End Programming Languages for Beginners

One of the most preferred languages, the advantages of this software application results from its capability to produce Interactive as well as vibrant websites. Not only are interactive websites superb for individual experience, but also the marketers. The more website is interactive with animations and styles, the more likely users get attracted.

With websites around the world running JavaScript, from YouTube to Facebook you can find proof of JavaScript without having to look too far. We advise using JavaScript if you are a newbie about to start their learning journey in front end web development.

The Pros of Javascript-

  • Speed: JavaScript is very fast and often executes immediately on the Client’s browser
  • Simplicity: JavaScript Syntax is Simple and easy to learn
  • Popularity: JavaScript is used almost on every website for its features
  • Server Load: Since JavaScript runs on the Client’s side, many of the short tasks are done without sending requests to the server that eventually reduces the server’s load

Cascading Style Sheets-

One more popular programming language, as well as staple enhancement to the front development of your website, is CSS. Brief for Cascading Style Sheets, when set right into the running of your site, CSS can define just how the HTML elements on the website are presented and also provided onto the screen.

CSS- Styling for Client Side Programming

Super easy not just to include, however additionally to code, without this enhancement you will be not able to customize as well as style website. CSS can modify the look of colors, spacing, as well as font styles to the appearance of a website. Embed images and video, as well as various other media, and also the addition of paragraphs and headlines. Without CSS the visual options on hand to customize your website would certainly be limited.

To apply CSS to the front end of your website, you are lucky and also need a little bit more than a full-screen editor. With several different sites available as well as programs to assist you to compose this language, finding software for you ought to be a breeze.

Pros of Cascading Style Sheets-

  • Saves a lot of time to Style the appearance of Website
  • Improves the Page load Speed as less number of lines of code is used for the complete website
  • CSS is compatible with many devices and easy to manage

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HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a globally accepted front-end development language for formatting webpages. HTML is a conventional markup language included when creating internet pages for your site. This language is the framework of the web page and also consists of a collection of various components to reveal the desired framework of the page.

One of the Most Basic Front End Programming Languages for Beginners

A standard front end web development language, HTML ought to be considered as a foundation when it concerns the creation of internet pages. Along with the development of the content as well as the design of the page, HTML tags can also be made use of to include visuals onto a page for the advantage of the audience.

Pros of HTML

  • HTML is Easy to Use and Understand
  • All browsers support HTML
  • HTML is the most search engine friendly
  • Most development tools support HTML


One more best front-end development language to consider is React. For those not yet knowledgeable about React, this development language is a Javascript collection created by Facebook Inc. A user interface collection, React is perfect for those wishing to construct UI elements onto a website.

React- Best Language for UI Elements In Client Side Programming

Allowing users to create dynamic web pages, websites that are constructed using React are usually much faster and can switch over between different elements smoothly and quickly.

If the individual experience is your topmost priority, then you have to consider React for its speed as well as the functionality of the web pages. Basic to utilize, React is also suitable with most back end configurations. The style format of the web page can be divided into different elements and also components with an item of code that represents a distinct part of the page. This can allow you to modify and also develop separate components independently with convenience.

Pros of React-

  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Creating Dynamic Webpages is a lot easier
  • Components Reusability
  • React Applications are easy for testing


An additional front end web development language, this programming language is created by Google. AngularJs is a little difficult front end programming language as compared to others in the list.

Offering a functional and also scalable application, AngularJS combines performance and the ability to create visually attractive website design. The feature of easy scalability is what makes AngularJS more popular among the developer communities.

With its complexity ignored due to its benefits, AngularJS additionally comes with a handful of ready to install extensions that can speed up and also simplify up the development process.

Pros of AngularJS-

  • Easy to Scale the Applications
  • Easy to Customize and test
  • Single Page Application

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Are you searching for an easy to utilize best front end web development languages? If this sounds like you, go no further than Vue.js. Encouraging smooth, engaging websites and single-page web applications, there is little that Vue.js can not offer.

This ideal front end development language provides versatile and also quick solutions for small to mid-range websites.

Simplifying the development of websites, this development language is favored by web developers seeking an inexpensive, economical rate. Simply approachable due to its expense, Vue.js is also fantastic for beginners who intend to learn and work in front end development.

Pros of Vue.Js

  • Vue.Js framework is small (18-21 Kb) that enables the user to download and work in no time
  • Easy to Understand
  • Able to integrate with existing applications easily.


One of the youngest of ideal front end web development languages and is Elm. Working with JavasScript, if you are a front end programmer looking to create a fast website with very little running errors, you don’t have to look beyond Elm.

With the architecture extracted from Redux, Elm permits developers to produce client-facing websites without the negatives traits seen with HTML and also CSS. Useful, durable, and achievable, whether you are creating websites or web applications, Elm permits you to produce using top quality as well as simple tooling.

Pros of Elm

  • Easy to Understand and work with
  • Quick Rendering
  • Progressive Web Apps


One more front-end development language that makes use of JavaScript by adding types to the language. Offering the capability to add types to the JavaScript support devices for applications within an array of various web browsers.

Similar in use to JavaScript, when it comes to TypeScript, anticipate understandably and a familiar format. Created by Microsoft, this best front end development language is object-oriented for even more crafted and also details webpages.

Similar to JavaScript, an advantage of TypeScript is its ability to streamline coding while debugging code for even more productivity, less complicated to comprehend and review. This front end development language is advised to novices looking to begin their front end development journey with minimal or just basic knowledge.

Pros of TypeScript

  • Does not Require a Runtime Plugin
  • Things Oriented Programming
  • Simple to Use

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A favorite, as well as once-popular front end development language, the popularity of JQuery, is slowly lessening. JQuery is a JavaScript collection that permits customers to create less coding as well as produce sleeker websites. With a distinct ability to streamline programs, this front end development language is simple to figure out and also recommended for beginners in the field.

There was a good amount of time when JQuery was preferred above JavaScript, this was because of its convenience and user-friendliness. Making it a much easier and even more pleasant alternative as being expendable.

With plugins readily available for an array of various tasks, this front end development language can enable customers to program and create a software program in a basic one line of coding. What could be better?!

Pros of JQuery

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Simplicity
  • Fast web page Speed


Our Bonus front end development language: SASS. SASS is short for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets and also is a scripting language similar to CSS. With its own special qualities, SASS provides individuals the advantages of variables, snuggles regulations, mixins, and also various other functions for a smoother front end experience.

Able to be utilized by many operating systems, whether you are utilizing Mac, Windows, and even Linux, you will be pleased to note, that SASS works.

What has made this front end development language the front runner for several web developers is the speed and also complicity that it comes with. By creating style sheets to make the development procedure quicker, the site similarly becomes less complicated to preserve.

In the beginning, a daunting system, as soon as you get to experience as well as obtain the hang of making use of SASS, you will quickly fall for this easier approach of front end development.

Pros of SASS-

  • Recyclable Features
  • Substantial Frameworks
  • Clear Code

Final thought

When it comes to picking a front end development language for your next project, taking the time to work out which of these above languages is ideal matched to your project would be a valuable time investment. Each Programming language has advantages and disadvantages so you might have to choose the language you are most comfortable with.

Whether it be JavaScript or CSS, to be genuinely successful and understand which language functions best for you, taking the time to attempt each development language is always recommended.

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