How to Get GitHub Student Developer Pack in 2021

How to Get GitHub Student Developer Pack for Free in 2020

Github is one of the most advanced development platforms in the world used by millions of developers and organizations to Build, Maintain, and ship their Software. “The future of software development is in the Cloud and not a local machine” is what Github has achieved with Codespaces. Github launched “Github Student Developer Pack” that provides the best premium developing tools for free to students to develop in the latest fields like Machine Learning, Data Science as they believe “There’s no substitute for hands-on experience”. Every student will be able to get advantages of Github at no cost by getting a free GitHub developer pack.

GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit

What is the Github Student Developer Pack?

If you are a computer science student or someone who has some relation to this field, then you might be aware of the fact that how important it is to get hand-on experience. The problem here comes when we want to use various tools such as Amazon AWS services, Microsoft Azure services, and many more since these are not free services. GitHub which is one of the greatest platforms for CS & IT enthusiasts came to the rescue of several students when they launched the GitHub Student Developer pack seven years back. In this pack, GitHub along with its partners around the globe provides students free access to the best developer tools, all in one place so they can learn by doing. The pack offers a lot of tools that are very useful for developers as well as designers, analysts, etc. From free web hosting using Amazon AWS to launching your application on the cloud using Bitnami to coding boot camps, logging service, code checkers, online IDEs, mass email service — everything is available to students at zero cost. All you need is a valid student id and you are ready to enroll in the student developer pack. This pack has proven to be extremely beneficial for students since it removed the restrictions of proper tools and services which were faced earlier.

GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit
GitHub Education Student Developer Pack

Github Student Developer Pack Benefits:

Coming to the important content right away, the GitHub Student Developer Pack offers more than 100 benefits in numerous categories such as Game Development, Security & Analytics, Infrastructure & APIs, Internet of Things, Developer tools, Cloud Design, Domains, etc, which are offered by GitHub and its partner software companies across the globe. The pack provides benefits that are worth almost $45,000 in the form of products and licenses, totally free to students.

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Some of the benefits of the Student Developer Pack include:

Benefits of Github Student Developer Pack for beginners:

  • Atom: A good text editor is very important for a good developer and Atom is the best text editor to start as a beginner. It is a hackable text editor, open-sourced by GitHub.

    GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit- Atom Text Editor (Specially Used for Machine Learning)
    GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit- Atom Text Editor
  • Education Host: Education host is a web hosting service specially designed for students at school, college, or university level and the student pack includes its designer package entirely free for a year.

    GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit- Education Host
    Advantages of GitHub- Education Host
  • Flatiron: Free access to Full Stack Developer Bootcamp with a one-month membership costing $149.

    GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit- Flatiron School
    Advantages of GitHub- Flatiron School
  • GitHub: Get free unlimited public and private repositories on GitHub (Normally $7/month) as long as you are a student.GitHub Tool
  • Namecheap: One domain name registration on the .me TLD free for an entire year along with a one-year free SSL certificate.

    GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit- NameCheap
    Advantages of GitHub- NameCheap Hosting

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Benefits of Github Student Developer Pack for experienced users:

  • AWS Educate: AWS is Amazon’s cloud service platform. The student pack gives you free credits up to $110 to use on the platform.

    GitHub Student Developer Pack Benefit- AWS Educate
    Advantages of GitHub- AWS Educate
  • Microsoft Azure: The Student Developer Pack gives you free one-year access to Microsoft Azure cloud services and learning resources along with $100 in Azure credit.

    Microsoft Azure
    Advantages of GitHub- Microsoft Azure
  • DigitalOcean: The Student Developer Pack gives you $50 worth of credit to be used on the DigitalOcean platform which is a cloud hosting service with lots of useful features and plans.

    Digital Ocean
    Advantages of GitHub- DigitalOcean
  • Datadog: Pro account for 2 years on Datadog which a monitoring service for cloud-based applications.

    Advantages of GitHub- DataDog
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a popular general-purpose database for modern applications. The GitHub pack gives you $200 in MongoDB Atlas Credits, plus access to MongoDB Compass and MongoDB University including free certification.mongaDB

Eligibility Criteria:

Github Eligibility Criteria
GitHub for Education Eligibility Criteria

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is mainly focused on providing benefits to students all around the world. If you are a student then it is quite simple to register for this pack. The eligibility criteria for a person to apply for student developer pack is mentioned below:

  1. Educational Institute: The applicant must be currently enrolled in a degree or diploma-granting course of studies such as a college, university, high school, secondary school, home school, or some other educational institution.
  2. GitHub Account: The applicant must have a GitHub user account.
  3. Age: The applicant must be at least 13 years old to be eligible for the student developer pack.
  4. Email Id: The applicant must have a valid and verifiable email address issued by the educational institute in which he/she is presently enrolled. The email id or some other documents are required to be uploaded for proving your present academic status as a student. If you don’t have access to an institution-issued email address you can still verify yourself as a student by uploading a picture of your institute id card, report card, and issued a certificate.

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How to Apply:

So now getting to the main question, how to apply for the student developer pack and start getting the benefits? If you pass all the eligibility norms for this pack, then follow the below-mentioned steps to easily apply for the student developer pack:

Step 1: Firstly Sign-In to your registered GitHub account.

Step 2: After logging in, head to GitHub Education and, click on the “Get benefits” tab in the top right corner.

GitHub for Education
GitHub for Education

Step 3: Click on “Get your pack” to fill all the required details.

Step 4: Select Student under the section “Which best describes your academic status?”.

GitHub for Education Application Form
GitHub for Education Application Form

Step 5: Select the email id you use for your educational institution.

Step 6: Upload a valid academic ID or other proof of current academic status.

Step 7: Enter details about your school, college, etc.

Step 8: State how you wish to utilize GitHub.

Step 9: Verify the application details and then click on “Submit your information”.

GitHub for Education Submit Application Step
GitHub for Education Submit Application Step

Once you have submitted your application, it takes some time for it to be processed which can be up to a few days or even longer during peak times, such as during the start of a new semester. It is also possible that your application is rejected, in that case just follow these steps to submit another application. The Student Developer Pack is a very popular package and thousands of students register for it, due to which it might take some time to get registered for the pack, but after the registration process is completed, you get all the features without any interruption.

GitHub Education
Free GitHub Developer Pack
  • Expiration & Renewals:

Once you have successfully registered to student developer pack, you can use all the benefits that come with it for free. However, the duration of the Student Developer Pack is limited to one year of usage corresponding to one academic session. After the expiration of the pack, you can renew your subscription by reapplying if you are still eligible and again use the benefits. Although some of the offers cannot be renewed since these are timed offers from GitHub’s partner organizations and start once you set them up. Besides this many of the offers can be renewed, so you should definitely renew your student developer pack as long as you are a student and enjoy the various features.

Those were all the amazing benefits you can get from the GitHub Student Developer Pack. It is truly an amazing feature provided by GitHub so that students all around the world no longer face the restrictions of proper resources while learning a new skill.

The one thing that students need to keep in mind with this pack is not to get too excited with the offers and activate all of them simultaneously. Though GitHub provides amazing offers, they are valid for a certain time period only and if you activate a certain offer without its need, it might happen that it gets expired by the time you actually need it. So, use the tools provided wisely and activate them only when needed.

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