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21 Top Coding Challenge Websites For Beginners & Professionals


The Best way to improve your coding skills is by solving lots of coding problems. By solving the coding problems, you will get familiar with the programming language, improve your logical skills, interactive coding, learn the inside out of programming concepts, get prepared for the job interviews, and a lot more. The best way to do practice is with Coding Challenge Websites and competitive programming. Some of these websites have really simple UI that makes coding for beginners little less stressful.

21 Top Coding Challenges Websites For Beginners & Professionals

So we have 23 Top Coding Challenges Websites for beginner and Seasoned Programmers that are known for their unique and challenging coding problems.


The Exercism is an Online Coding platform founded by Katrina Owen and Jeremy Walker in 2013. Exercism has 3400+ exercises across 52 different languages offered free of cost to users.

Exercism- Interactive Coding Platform

Exercism offers a mentor for the solution discussions after you submit a working solution to a problem. As of today, Exercism has over 330K users in over 200 countries, 50 programming languages, and 1.4m solutions submitted.

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SPOJ platform is based on the Online Judge System where users submit the programs for automatic assessment. SPOJ has more than 13000 tasks with 45 different programming languages. SPOJ has around 814k registered users, 6835 public problems, and more than 2.6m submissions as of today.

SPOJ- Interactive Coding Platform


Programmr is an internet interactive platform for anyone to discover and practice coding. They believe that the most effective means to find out is at your very own pace in a self-taught setting.

Programmr- Interactive Coding Platform

Programmr claims to make the globe’s ideal coding simulators, where you can code as well as run all kinds of programs and can be considered as best coding website for beginners. Programmr has a fantastic online coding simulator as well as a B2B API that permits anybody to integrate coding widgets right into internet sites.

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TopCoder Challenges-

TopCoder is a competitive programs platform. It supplies a collection of mathematical challenges that you can take on in your own personal code editor. There’s constantly challenges up as well as running on the site as well as you can constantly get involved if you’re up for it.

TopCoder- Interactive Coding Platform

The obstacles have particular deadlines along with rewards proven on every one of them. They also reveal what type of languages or libraries are required. Although these obstacles are not for novices, they are effectively developed.


CodeForces is a joint platform where programmers can participate in “rounds” where a time limit is set and also points are distributed to the participants. CodeForces additionally has competitions, problem collections along with groups for coders to have at it.

CodeForces- Interactive Coding Platform

CodeForces is excellent for programmers who seek enjoyable obstacles to develop their abilities as well as join teams that match their requirements. The Fitness center attribute is additionally very distinct where programmers can train their skills in particular difficulties and also see their standing at the end.

CodeWars: Coding Challenge Websites for Competitions-

Codewars is a properly designed platform where individuals collaborate to create obstacles. There are two groups of individuals making it work, the programmers who authorize kata to educate different techniques, fix kata with services that inform others, and also comment with positive responses, and also the leaders will certainly moderate the content as well as area.

CodeWars- Interactive Coding Platform

Codewars has a captivating user interface with special means of offering the obstacles, calling them Katas, where coders gain skills and challenge other programmers in Kumite. It’s one of the best places to discover to code and also to enjoy at the same time.

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CodeChef is a competitive programming platform developed as a system to assist developers to raise their abilities in the world of algorithms, programs, and also contests. They promote a society of understanding and also pleasant shows, with a significant community of issues trackers.

CodeChef has is just one of the biggest programming platforms. They open their system for any individual to host shows, competitions, and also a function called university chapter as a tool for programming clubs to make use of. They additionally host 3 competitions every month where rewards are given.


CodeGym is an online Java programming platform that is 80% based on practicals. For anyone who wants to learn Java, right here is the place to go. CodeGym has practical tasks for newbies in Java to learn about all they need to understand.

They likewise have instant option verification to make sure that mistakes can be located promptly. CodeGym also makes use of the current mentor methods, with stunning visualizations as well as video games.


CodePen is an amazing online IDE that allows you to write code in your web browser and see the outcome just as you build it. CodePen challenge is a location for leveling up your skills by constructing points.

CodePen- Coding Challenge Websites

Each week, new difficulties stand for you to deal with, and the most effective “Pens” get selected. CodePen obstacles are extremely enjoyable and it’s a location for creativity and also cooperation.

There are no competitors whatsoever because there’s nothing to shed, however, you do obtain abilities with these obstacles.

CodinGame: Coding Challenge Websites with Games-

CodinGame’s objective is to let programmers keep on improving their coding abilities by solving the world’s most difficult troubles, discover brand-new principles, and get influenced by the best programmers.

CodinGame helps people find out coding in the form of games, allowing them to find out the fun way. Programmers can also ask for help from mentors to examine their codes and compare remedies with each other.

GeekforGeeks: Coding Challenge Websites for C/ C++-

GeeksForGeeks is the internet site for nerds. It has lots of sources on shows as well as algorithms. It additionally has an interview area to assist programmers to win their desire work and also is a best coding website for beginners since most of their syntax doubts and errors will be resolved by GeeksForGeeks.

GeeksForGeeks- Best Coding Website for Beginners

There’s likewise an outstanding collection of C and C++ challenges for developers to solve. GeeksforGeeks has multitudes of posts teaching topics such as Data structures, formulas, Computer Science concepts, and quizzes that examination for knowledge and also comprehension. It’s a fantastic location to absorb some CS understanding.


If you are working on algorithms and computer science projects, chances are you have actually become aware of Project Euler. A collection of mathematical problems created for trouble solvers who are interested to incorporate mathematics and also personal/ professional projects.

Project Euler- Best Websites to learn Mathematical Coding

Job Euler requires making use of mathematics to create algorithms and get to reliable services, as well as computer system programming to actually solve it. These problems range in difficulty not to mention but they are not a stroll in the park.

Although the website does not have an integrated code editor or service mosaic, this will be a great chance for programmers to download an IDE as well as code them on it. In addition, solving these issues helps you establish abilities that will certainly be important as a programmer, as maths is the underlying structure of algorithms as well as information structures.

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URI Online Judge-

The URI Online Judge is established by the Computer technology Division of URI College. The primary objective of the task is to give the programming methods and knowledge sharing. Their site has a pleasant UI and also it has more than 1000 troubles separated into 8 huge classifications, solved with 11 languages.

URI is developed by university students, which suggests they have the state of mind of newbies that wish to find out coding in an enjoyable means. Additionally, the problems are well-structured as well as divided as necessary, starting with newbies’ categories, as well as progressively right into more complex topics such as computational geometry as well as graphs.

Reply Challenges-

Reply Challenges is a collection of obstacles developed by “Replyers” and open to anybody that likes innovation and also online competitions. Reply Obstacles are all about having a good time and also showcasing ability in areas like coding, cybersecurity, as well as investments.

Reply Challenges- Best Websites to learn Coding

There are rewards for every obstacle too– Macbook Pro 16, Airpods Pro, and so on. Challenges are open to newcomers as well as experts. Reply Challenges are enjoyable challenges with appealing prizes. They are extremely varied as well as anyone is complimentary to join.

Kick Start- Google’s Coding Challenge Websites-

KickStart is a competitor by Google which provides developers around the world an opportunity to establish their abilities via the internet competitors round. Each round lasts for 3 hrs and also they feature mathematical obstacles developed by Google engineers to make sure that you can get a preference of what it requires to operate at Google.

Kick Start- Coding Challenge Websites By Google

Their rounds are held occasionally to make sure that everyone gets a chance to get involved. The top-ranked programmers are offered a possibility to be interviewed and also perhaps even land a job at Google.


CodeJam is the biggest yearly hackathon run by the McGill Electrical, Computer System, and also Software Application Engineering Students Culture (typically in our very own Trottier Engineering Structure).

CodeJam- Best Websites to learn Coding

CodeJam allows trainees to evaluate their sensible abilities in a supportive, interesting, as well as, most of all, fun environment. Throughout 36 hrs, trainees will be challenged to conceptualize cutting-edge concepts, to solve difficult problems, and also to develop an awesome prototype.

Kaggle: Coding Challenge Websites for Data Scientists-

Kaggle is well-known for being the place where data scientists team up as well as compete with each other. But they also have a platform called Kaggle Learn where mini-courses are provided. They are mini-courses where data scientists can find out useful information skills that they can use instantly.

Kaggle- best coding website for Data Science beginners

They call it the fastest (as well as a lot of enjoyable) means to come to be a data researcher or boost your present skills. Programs readily available are– Python, Pandas, SQL, and also, Data Visualization.

These micro-courses condense facility topics down to crucial elements that assist novices to discover the vital topics as well as get the needed abilities in a snap. Their built-in code editor, bit, is easy to use as well as wonderful for newbies.

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HackerRank is a working system that is the de facto for assessing developer abilities for over 2,000 companies worldwide. By making it possible for technology employers and also working with managers to objectively evaluate talent at every stage of the recruiting procedure, HackerRank helps companies work with competent programmers and introduce much faster.

HackerRank- Best Websites to learn Coding

HackerRank is just one of the top coding method web sites around. It is popular for matching programmers with fantastic companies and also serves both the employer and the employee.

HackerEarth: Coding Challenge Websites for Hackathons-

HackerEarth is a popular coding platform that features over 8000 inquiries, 2000 challenges, as well as 1000 hackathons.

HackerEarth- Best Websites to learn Coding

It is also relied on by employing employees across 1000+ business. This system has a flourishing community of 3 million developers. The website shows the days left in competitions, as well as it has a developers evaluation software program that shows your progression. There is additionally a remote meeting attribute plus analytics for business to see your stats.


LeetCode is a very good platform to assist you to enhance your skills, increase your expertise as well as plan for technical interviews. It’s used by thousands of developers for their remarkable collection of algorithm methods from Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

LeetCode- Best Websites to learn Coding

There more than 1400 inquiries to exercise. LeetCode has a check out tool that helps programmers advance towards the following action in their programming occupation. LeetCode prepares them for technical interviews, as well as are involved in helping business hire top talents too.


Coderbyte provides 200+ coding challenges you can solve in an online editor making use of 10 various programming languages. It also supplies official options for several of the obstacles in addition to 800,000+ individual remedies.

CoderByte- Coding Challenge Websites

Coderbyte is advised by the top coding boot camps because of its collection of interview prep challenges. Other than coding challenges, they supply training courses in Algorithms & Data Structures, upskills, and also prep training courses for coding boot camps.

Bonus Code Challenge Websites: Edabit-

This is the very first-time Edabit is appearing on our top sites listing. It has actually expanded in popularity over the in 2015, as well as programmers appear to actually appreciate the difficulties. They use a huge collection of over 4,000 fun challenges that can be addressed online in one of the numerous programming languages.

Edabit- best websites to learn coding

The website presently only offers on-line interactive coding difficulties– there aren’t any discussion boards, posts, user solutions, or simulated interviews like various other sites offer, but with time they could be adding some of these.

The Edabit is great for novices wanting to practice their coding skills daily by addressing bite-sized difficulties. Once you reach the intermediate stage, various other sites give more difficult problems as well as more material geared in the direction of skills enhancement and job interviews.

So these were the top 23 Coding Challenges Websites For Beginners & Professionals. Do you think we have missed any Coding Challenge Website? Let us know in the comment section below.



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